Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 14 "We scare because we care!"

Week 14

Sister Dolor said this when we were door knocking...she was like do you know that one movie where the monsters scare people with all the doors...ummm yeah, thats monsters inc. She said she felt like a monster because we freak people out knocking on all these doors, but we scare because we care -- it was pretty funny :) 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello everyone it feels so good to be emailing again as usual! :) Love getting updates on everyone's lives. It's so weird to think other people are going to school and everything--time is going by so fast! This week went by SO fast too, I can't believe its already Pday again! This week was a good week, lots of teaching and finding, and I am just having so much fun in this crazy city. Can't wait to tell ya all about it! 

This week me and Sister Dolor tried out a new plan called the Door Knock Plan -- we try to get real creative with our finding ideas, I think it makes it fun. We decided to pick one street and knock on every single door, go down every alley way, and try to talk to everyone that lived on that specific street. And there are seriously SO many people that live just in one alley way or in one house/apartment. This kept us super busy this week! One specific day, we were getting a lot of hiding people and closed doors. No one really wanted to listen to us and we were getting a little discouraged. So what did we do? Got an icecream of course, but then we decided to pray. And both me and Sister Dolor just went on our way to keep on knocking. And just when we were about ready to be done, we found Brother King. :) And talk about a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. We were both just so surprised that after a day of no luck we found him. Brother King is 19 and was taught by the missionaries in his province and so we just started to teach him and gave him a Book of Mormon. After we got out of the lesson we were both just so grateful that Heavenly Father listens to prayers :) 

I think what I have noticed in my time so far in mission is the humble circumstances the people we teach are in...sometimes I listen to someone's hardships or trials and I just have NO idea what me and Sister Dolor could say to them. But that is why our gospel is literally so awesome because we have the spirit and without it, I have no idea how I would be able to relate or know what to say to these people. It definitely strengthens my testimony to just know that the spirit is the real teacher :) And I felt that with Angelie this week. She has been a long term investigator, just not coming to church or progressing so this lesson we were going to figure out why she won't commit. She is having a baby soon too -- its a boy :) But we just started to talk to her and all of the sudden she just told us all about her life and everything. The spirit is SO real. :) 

Jason, we had an awesome lesson with him this week. He is getting baptized on Thursday. We are so excited, he is just such a ready investigator. He and his wife have been through a lot and they just talked about how much stronger their marriage is because they both started coming to church and putting God first in their lives. We are just so pumped for them! :) 

Yuta gave us kind of a scare this week. He texted us and told us that he is not ready to commit to be baptized or Christianity. So we got super nervous but he agreed to meet with us. And we just talked to him about what he thinks about God. And again it made me realize that the spirit is EVERYTHING in listening to someone, in talking to someone. But God really does have his own timing with all of us. 

Best missionary experience this week was with Nelly. She is a less active in our ward that we sometimes visit. We walked into her area of where she lives and she had invited all of her neighbors and friends for us to teach as well. And so there was like 15 people there--and I was SO nervous. But as we started to teach, it is just the coolest thing how things just flow and the spirit just takes over :) It just felt really good to be a missionary looking at these people and testifying of what I know is true. 

So it was just a really awesome week and to end on a spiritual note was with the Kim Family. They are a family from Korea that we visited from the English ward, they just sent their missionary off to the Baguio mission in the Philippines and their other son just got back from the Philippines Cebu mission. And they told us that even though they haven't been as a family for a long time they feel like the gospel makes them feel so close. And I of course know how that feels with my cute little family back home :) And it was just really awesome to know that even though a lot of families have missionaries out, or are away from their family for whatever reason, if we just embrace the gospel and live the principles and do what God says--we don't feel so far away :) 

Alright I love you all and I hope you have a good week! 

Mahal Ko Kayo :) 


Sister Zarbock


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