Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week 72 "baby shark do do do do do baby shark..."

Week 72

Is this like a thing now? Are people dancing to baby shark in America too? Its literally on EVERYWHERE here, my goodness. Everyday I dance with the kids in the street to this song. Just picture that for a second haha :) 

Dear Friends and Family, 

Well...we are emailing on a different day this week....cause the internet was not working out for us yesterday. So after 3 computer shops we gave up and decided to email on Tuesday.  But still grateful to be emailing all of you. Dude I am not gonna lie I personally had a long week this week.  Sometimes when you have to have a hard shell on all the time, it gets a little tiring. But, that's why I think this week was SO rewarding for me. Heavenly father really just knows what to put in your path to make things better and endurable. Sometimes He needs to let ya grow and stumble...but my favorite is just that comforting feeling that you know there is something bigger than yourself in the world. 

Starting out was when we had 2 rounds of exchanges. I was left in the area for 2 days and it was lots of fun.  Its so fun to just have someone else to teach with and talk to. So Sister Tureman, from Arkansas, was talking to me....and she is like, "I feel like you've been here forever..." Haha tell me about it... I remember when she came out in the field. But I had a great couple of days with them.  

Exchanges this week--Sister Romano
Exchanges--Sister Tureman is from Arkansas

And when I was on exchanges with Sister Rimando we went to go teach Jon Grullo. And when we walked in...I could just tell something was wrong or something happened. So we start chatting with him and his wife and he told us that he had lost his job earlier that day. And apart of me was like HEAVENLY FATHER WHY? He is such a good dad and husband, why would this happen? But then that feeling immediately followed that...this is his test to see what he will do when trials come his way.  So we had an awesome lesson about trusting in the Lord.  And his wife bore her testimony. She just loves her husband so much. 

Also we just had some really good lessons with our other investigators.  It was just a lot of tender mercies as far as teaching goes. We taught a new family...the Barruga family. And they have such an awesome spirit about them. We had MTC exchanges and Sister Eyslee was my companion from California.  And it is such a breath of fresh air when you get to go out with an MTC missionary. They are so new and fresh, gives you extra inspiration and missionary spirit :) Love that. 

Also we met up with some referrals that were given to us a while back, Benedict and Michelle. Hopefully we can teach them again.  They are siblings who went to church back in the province but work in Manila. He had some awesome questions. So hopefully we will come back. 

Finish things off on a spiritual note. There was just a lot going on in my head the other day as we were riding on the jeepney to our area. And so I just decided to open the Book of Mormon and I opened to Alma 42:14...and it was what I just needed in my life.  It talks about "judging righteously," "deal justly," and to "do good continually..." And then if we do all of that...we will be "rewarded." Whatever is going on around us...if we do what's right, God will bless us. Kinda something simple..but it meant a lot to me this week. 

Okay love you all have a good week. 

Sister Zarbock

MTC Exchanges--Sister on left is from California :)
With the Villamel family
District Picture
Zone Picture

Laser Tag--we had so much fun with our District last week
that we went again with our Zone this week!

Week 71 "Mr. E. X. Perience .. man sometimes I hate that guy"

Week 71

Haha we were in MLC a few days ago and we were talking about how we learn from our mistakes. Something like that...then my mission president goes, "hey you know who the best teacher is? Mr. E. X. Perience." Wrote it up on the board...then he just sits down and goes..."man sometimes I hate that guy." Haha so funny...but it's so true how we learn from our experiences. Fun Stuff. 

At MLC (Mission Leadership Conference)

Dear Fam and Frenz, 

So grateful to be emailing you this morning. Just had an awesome weekend of conference :) Isn't conference just the best thing ever? I feel like I could conquer the world after watching it. Grateful for revelation from our prophets and apostles. Sad to not see our prophet there and the passing of Elder Hales. But I just have peace in my heart that God really does have a plan. Its sooo awesome to know that we have a life after this one.  

I really can't believe its been another week. Its really the craziest time ever. Always so much to do and I feel like when my head hits the pillow every night I just collapse.....which is a good feeling. Can't wait to tell you a little bit about our week.  

So John...the saving grace in this area. We look forward to his lesson always. This week it kinda was a sweet reminder to me that life isn't always perfect but we can make it work wherever we are. It was kind of a hard week for the Grullo family...nothing super crazy happened, just struggles in everyday life. Their kid Turdy doesn't wanna go to school, Aylene was tired from selling her sausage, John came home to screaming kids...so when we were having a lesson with them Friday, we kinda felt impressed to just share with them about eternal families and that even though life is kind of messy sometimes...we can have eternity together.  Our life is short. It was a sweet moment with them. 

As we were OYMing one day this week...we found the Barruga family. The Nanay just let us into the house and we started chatting with her and her daughter. Then we started teaching and came back again and taught her husband too. They are an awesome family.  So we will see. Their last child had a heart condition and then the Dad told us that he believes God answers prayers. As simple as going around from house to house is, God really puts such awesome people in your path. 

Then most of the week was spent watching conference so I am gonna do another round robin of one liners I loved. :) 
-No is responsible for your personal journey
-"Who needs me today?"
-Choose the Lord's way not the world's way
-I am a pencil in his hand
-Internalize the qualities of Christ
-We all come to our ourselves in this life..usually more than once" 
-Don't 'do you,' 'do God.'
-Its not an accident...its divine design
-How precious is the Book of Mormon to you? 
-Make and Take time for the Savior
-Sometimes we run so fast...we forget where we are going 
-How we respond is a choice\
-Remember to put Jesus in the center of your life everyday
-Sometimes you are the angel, sometimes you are being served by the angel -- but we all have the spirit with us
-Where are your footsteps taking you? 
-Don't put permanent labels on others
-Hard is Good. 
-Don't know all things but I have paid the price to know enough
-Do 1-4 happy 
-Don't have to prove your special 
-Mad, sad, or glad?

Just had SO many things i loved about conference--and it really made me think of not only where am I going in my life but more importantly the WHY.  Hope you all have a good week. 

Sister Zarbock 

Great catching up with old companions at MLC!  Sister Lubas.......
Sister Gabriel (center).......
Sister Singer......
And let's not forget current companion, Sister Baldelomar :)
District activity--Laser Tag!

Some rich member in Manda 5th asked us to dinner.  
Holy cow, his wife is like some famous model. 
 This house was awesome--they even have CARPET!
Coming home from Conference :)

Got the Halloween package!  Thanks Jules!!!
This is Turdy. The son of Aylene and John Grullo. We were waiting for his dad
to come home so we played POGES. Haha have Jack explain to you. I have
watched kids played it like my whole mission...thats what I am holding in the
picture with him. Also gave him stuff from your last package. LOVED IT.
This kid creamed me though..

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 70 Cinderella and Freeze Dance

Week 70

We had an FHE with some sisters in our stewardship because they are the only sisters in their ward. So yes we did exercise our unrighteous dominion to help them out ;) haha kidding. But it was the ward I used to serve in...so I gotta see all my friends from the ward.  We played these 2 games. Cinderella was girls against guys and they all put their shoes in a big pile and then one by one have to run and go get their shoes. the guys lost cause Tatay Esteve was too slow...haha so funny. And we played freeze dance...holy cow they were SO good at dancing. 

We helped the sisters out with their FHE with the ward...just happened
to be my last area. SO SO FUN. 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello everyone. Happy Conference weekend...haha but not yet for us. But I am excited for this weekend. Conference is always like Christmas for a missionary.  And the weird part is that this will be my last general conference of my mission. SO weird. Someone asked me at church yesterday how many months I was out...And I was like oh 13...which is what I have been saying for a few months now hahaha. This is my 16th being a missionary. Weird, still feel like I am on month 1. I think missions have a way of making you feel like you have NO idea what you are doing 99 percent of the time. Good thing we have the spirit, gift of tongues, companions, the Book of Mormon, living day seers and revelators...or for sure would not be where I am today.  

Anyway, we had a good week. We get a call from the APs on Monday night and told us that we had Zone Conference on Tuesday. AND they said we had an hour gap to fill with our lesson....so at like 8:30 at night there we were scrambling to get a lesson together. But we had an awesome lesson. They told us to talk about how we can move our investigators to progressing. So we talked about "gentle pressure." Which basically was being that gentle guide for investigators to exercise their own faith to want to change, that they figure it out for themselves. I compared it to Alma 1:26 about how we are no better than the learners and Matthew 10:16...how we need to be wise but kind.  It was actually cool. Again...grateful for the spirit and Book of Mormon. 

We had an awesome Zone Conference...President Fermanis likes to do 3 hours of straight doctrine so my notes are like 5 pages long.  But I really loved the part when Sister Fermanis told us to look at lyrics to, "Lord I Would Follow Thee." And compare it to how we should treat our companion. And I just took it in a general way as well. That we need to be "our brothers keeper" and not judge because we all "walk imperfectly." I really liked that.

Zone Conference :)
Zone Conference pic
With Sister Fermanis--Zone Conference

JON is still going strong. :) He came to church this week...happiest feeling when they come in late and we all have treats, colored pencils, and picture books to keep all the kids occupied. His wife Aylene bore her testimony about how God shields her family. They live in a really sketchy part of our area...so she said she's grateful for guardian angels. And we taught Plan of Salvation this week with Jon. It was awesome...he had so many questions.  He really is so good. We love their cute family. 

We are at the finding and punting stages of our missionary work....we find, we teach, we come back, no one's there/they are busy...but thats how it goes. It makes it all worth it when we come into our lesson with Jon. Instead of focusing on teaching we had kind of more of a service attitude this week. Needless to say, I helped a lot of nanays hang their clothes.  

All in all we had a good week. :) 

End things off on a spiritual note...I probably attended one of the most spiritually uplifting baptisms on Saturday. It was the sisters baptism from our stewardship and from my last last area. I chatted with Lita for like 20 minutes and we told all of our stories of her not letting us in her house and all of the times she said she was busy. She kinda got emotional and told us thanks for not giving up on her.  Holy cow I got so emotional. And then the second counselor in the bishopric spoke and told of the missionaries that taught him and his family.  He said that he knew the gospel was true because when there was a flood outside of their house waist deep...the missionaries still came.  One of the missionaries that taught him was President Trask....president of the Philippines MTC when I was there.  

Lita's baptism!

This work is true, the gospel is SO awesome. Despite long days and not knowing where to go next cause all of your appointments fall through...it makes it all worth it when you hear people say a thank you or stories like this. Makes me want to be a better person :) 

Love you all, 
Sister Zarbock 

More FHE pics!
They gave us so much food to take home :)
Our pizza party after the baptism!
This is proof that there really is a place called Mandaluyong.
Its a real name. This was just in our area. 
Dinner with the Bautista family...PASCO NA :) It's
Christmas NOW!
Dinner at Bautista's
Dinner with the Aquino's

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Week 69 "I chose the right"

Week 69

The theme of the primary program yesterday was "Choose the Right." And Jon leans over to us at church and says, "Sisters na sa isip ko na I chose the right kasi nagsimba ako." or "Sisters I think I chose the right because I came to church."  That just put a big smile on my face. Grateful for little miracles everybody. They really do happen. :) 

Jon Grullo--our investigator, came to church to see his kids in the Primary Program!

Dear family and friends, 

Hope everyone had an awesome week. Our week was so tiring that I even took the elevator 3 times this week to go up to the third floor...sad life, and my knees have even started to hurt haha. Like have I turned into my Dad?---no offense dad, I love you and hope your knee is feeling better. But anyway...it's always a rewarding week though when you get to see the fruits of your labors. Matvei gave the closing prayer in Sacrament and we gotta see some investigators come to church.  Always a tender mercy EVERY time you see an investigator at church, well at least for me it is. 

Lets get right to it. JON GRULLO. Oh man we just love the guy. He is the husband of a recent convert. And I guess back then he wanted NOTHING to do with the missionaries but God does soften peoples hearts and he is doing so awesome. We taught him two times this week and he came to church this week to see his 2 cute kids in the primary program. All the members were so good with him. I really loved our lesson on the Word of Wisdom this week...he is a heavy smoker...but we are really seeing him put trust and faith in the Lord. The thing he kept repeating back to us...that he knows that his body is from God so he needs to take care of it. So we are kind of helping him ween off of cigarettes and he accepted baptism for December, so he can be baptized with his daughter turning 8. So awesome! 

That was the best part of the week for sure...also had exchanges this week with Sister Ramirez where I met the coolest guy named Esteve. He is like 80 years old but wants to be baptized. SO awesome. Also talked with a guy from Europe...haha I tried to introduce us. "Yeah so um we are um mormons..you could come to our...church, yeah...its really close." It was terrible. English is escaping me haha...that sounds so lame but its so true.  We had awesome exchanges. I again am realizing that I am the one learning from these sisters. They are so great. 

Tatay Esteve...met him on exchanges. He's gonna get baptized

End things off with Liza..talked about her last week. She is doing good too...slower on the progressing but she has an awesome support system. Her daughter is taking temple prep, and she lives with members.  We read the introduction of the book of mormon with like 5 of us there. And it was really fun...it felt like a book club and we had to try to control all the ladies from getting off topic and telling stories. MAN its rough...I felt like a referee.  But she is doing good...she has been taught before so we are just really trying to help her feel the spirit. Shoot some prayers for her. 

Those are the best moments of the week..we have been doing a lot of finding in our area and its always the best to teach people for the first time and to tell about the restoration.  So blessed to be doing what I am doing. 

Finish off with a spiritual thought...I finished Jesus the Christ this week and it felt SO awesome to complete it. Its been like 4-5 months in the making. And I shut the book..and just thought, "okay what did I learn?" Simply I think I really have a testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. That he really atoned for us...and I really do have a testimony that he will come again. I really do feel the truth of the scriptures...its been so fun to rediscover scriptures that I love and the history of Christ's life. I am also grateful for the atonement..that we have a chance to have fresh starts and clean slates.  Heavenly Father has given us that gift...and really is there nothing better than knowing we can have a fresh start to our life as many times as we need because of the atonement?  So awesome. 

Have a good week everyone :) 

Sister Zarbock 

MEGA MALL :) There are sooooo many malls here
Mega Mall
Us at the Mega Mall
Just the outdoor market

......and a pig head
At the Elders baptism :)

Teaching Jon Grullo and his family

Taho--its this hot drink. Its so good. Someone stands at the bottom of
your apartment building and yells. "TAAAAHOOOOO" and then you
come down with your own cup and he fills it up. SO GOOD.