Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 62 "GRAPES!!!"

Week 62

I bought GRAPES for the first time in a year this week because they are super expensive here. But I told the guy that I would change his life if he gave me a discount on the grapes and he said sure...I gave him the Restoration pamphlet and told him to go to church on Sunday. OH the missionary humor :) Love it. 

Dear family and friends, 

Hello everyone I hope this was a good week for you. July has come and gone and I can't believe it my goodness. Where has the time gone?  Just grateful to be sharing the gospel. Rainy season is upon us for sure...we have broken a few umbrellas this week.  A little bit on to the week.... 

We were able to teach the Tripulca family this week. They are slowly but surely progressing. They just need a lot of love and support...we did an awesome family night this week. But we have great updates with Brother Manuel. So we have been teaching them for a while. So back then we would come to their house and he would be smoking, drinking--sometimes both. But it is so cool because we haven't even taught Word of Wisdom yet and he has already stopped drinking and smoking.  And his wife is seeing a lot of changes. 

He prayed the other day that God would give his eyes the strength they need in order to read the Book of Mormon. It's been so rewarding to see the gospel seed work its way into his heart.  Love that. We had some great lessons and Bishop and his wife came over with us.  Shoot some prayers for them.  Their family is literally the cutest and we have so much fun with them.

And Sara and James are back in the game this week. We taught his wife a few times this week and she actually ended up coming to church.  She really opened up to us about what she wants out of her life and how much she wants to be with her family forever...we are happy for her.  Haha funny moment this week. We were walking past their house on our way home one night and we saw they were getting ready for a we went back the way we came and hid behind a bush so we could just coincidentally be walking the same time they were :) And it totally worked...we chatted with them and she said she wanted to come visit our church. Lesson learned is being a stalker sometimes works. 

Sara and James--caught them on a walk :)
To end we had an awesome lesson with Joshua (cute 12-year old we baptized) about missionary work and it seemed to strike something in him because he invited one of his friends to church and now we are teaching 2 of his other friends. I love that kid lots...we talked about the 2,000 stripling warriors this week and he loved it.  Love that little guy. 

Anyway finish on a spiritual note...we had an awesome note from MLC this week. President Fermanis was talking about how we pray and likened it to the Brother of Jared. He said that Heavenly Father gave him something to accomplish and he came up with a plan and then presented it to the Lord. We can liken that to our lives now....we need to likewise form our own plans and present it to the Lord. I have found that super effective this prayers have become more sincere :) Grateful to be apart of this work 

Alright I love you all. 

Sister Zarbie 

MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) last week
Sister Gabriel joined the MLC group
Me and Singer--MLC
Sister Skudders first and last MLC from New Zealand
The Wolcotts go home today....gonna miss them. They are from Montana. 
Elder with the glasses is from Utah--went to Jordan High
Taking Sister Lubas out for her birthday
Sister Lubas birthday lunch!
Selfie with my awesome outfit, hump day shirt is legit...what happened to me 
In our area

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