Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Week 8

What I was singing the whole way to the temple this afternoon haha :) 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello everyone! Kumusta po! Masaya po ako to be emailing you all this week, thanks to everyone for the wonderful updates and I just love hearing about what is going on in everyone's lives. Happy Late July 24th. My July 24th was spent at the baptism of Jerry Wood. He has had a super long road before getting baptised according to my Trainer Sister Holzworth and I have gotten to know him a little bit over the past 2 weeks :) But Jerry was baptized! What better way to celebrate Pioneer Day right? haha :) Jerry is Chinese and he's been coming to church for the past year and a half, has given up so much of his lifestyle to become a member including smoking, drinking...all that stuff. He is seriously sooo awesome. 

Jerry's baptism!

This week has been a good one with some interesting events for sure! Like to first start out for bragging about my most amazing mother for sending me a package, definitely a highlight to get something from home. :) So thank you jules for being the best mom everrr. 

Also, Sister Holzworth and I became a trio with an emergency transfer! Our new companion is Sister Dolor from the Philippines and she is 12 months old in the mission. She speaks Bikolano, Tagalog is her second language but she is super fun! :) We just got her yesterday so it has been a fun 24 hours thus far, can't wait to see what comes from the rest of the week. 

This week we found and taught two sisters named Glinda and Joy. And this was the first investigators that Sister Holzworth and I found together. They are awesome :) We taught them Lesson 1 about the restoration and book of mormon. I just had a way cool moment when we were teaching from the Book of Mormon and Sister Joy's husband asked: "The Jehovah Witnesses come visit, other missionaries from different religions come here...what makes yours different?" and its like a thought popped into my head and just came out of my mouth and I testified about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in our gospel, it was just the first time I really felt like I was speaking with the spirit--exactly what the spirit wanted me to say. We invited Sister Glinda and Joy to be baptised, both in unison said YES. Haha so I hope they progress this week :) 

Honestly everyday something little happens, I remember a word, Sister Holzworth and I have a really good spiritual study or I talk to some random person and tell them about our gospel. Being a missionary is just so fun, and I feel like if you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right :) 

I have gotten a lot of questions on what I eat. A lot of veggies and fruits--they are everywhere on the street. But we are super blessed because on the city we have a lot of stuff from the states. 7 eleven, McDonald's, Subway. It is all here :) So nothing super crazy :) 

So grateful to be in such an amazing work, hope you all have an amazing week! 


Sister Zarbock 

Makati District

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