Thursday, July 7, 2016

Week 5 It's the final countdown!

Week 5

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello everyone! :) So glad I get to talk to you all again, P day is seriously so fun because I get to hear all about the fun stuff everyone does! Happy Late Fourth of July to everyone :) My Fourth of July was one for the books let me tell ya! I woke up Sister Singer with singing the National Anthem and we sang every American song we knew down to breakfast and all 10 of us Americans had so much country pride! :) We just had a normal day of class but that night for gym we played a nice game of volleyball in the rain. Unfortunately, we had no fireworks but we made the day what we could! :)

I can't believe this week will be my final week in the MTC, it seems like the past 5 weeks have just flown by so fast! :) I have learned so much and it has definitely felt like drinking water from a fire hydrant haha but in a good way. I have learned so much about how to teach investigators, how to speak this crazy language, and I have just loved being apart of such an awesome MTC family :) Let me tell you the high lights from the week!

On Sunday we had a fast and testimony meeting and it was super awesome. I love hearing these people share their sweet and simple testimonies. :) A lot of the people  have been members for less than 2 years and come from such humble circumstances. A lot don't really have support from family and probably have nothing waiting for them at the end of their service, yet they are out here serving the Lord?! How do they do it? And I just got thinking of how important the gospel has been in my life and just how blessed I really am :) It has been such a humbling experience to train to be a missionary beside these elders and sisters...they really are so Christ like.

This week has been super good with learning the language! We have so much language study every single day and mine and Singer's teaching has been going pretty good. Often times we just listen to our investigators go on and on about how they feel about something and we have absolutely no idea what they are saying haha :) We just nod and smile and pray super hard that we can have the gift of tongues. KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING PLEASE :)

The MTC has honestly been such a great experience. I have learned so much about how to be spiritually prepared and in tune, we had a devotional last night by Elder Barquin who is a member of the Seventy in the Philippines and he talked a lot about obtaining the word before we can know how to teach it. And so I have been really focusing on my personal studying and always asking myself, what can I do better? How can I be more prepared?---and I think that is what we can think about in life too. We can always try to do more! God has blessed us with so much so the least we can do is always try to be improving :)

Just something super awesome that was a good wrap up with our district this week was when we all read Alma 17 as a district when it talks about the Sons of Mosiah. As a district we are all going out to preach the word and in verse 13 it says how we will depart from one another but we should meet again at the close of our harvest. And it just made me think how sweet that moment will be we all can come back together a the end of a successful mission. I have loved my amazing district and can't wait to see all the lives these Elders and Sisters will bless! 

I am so grateful for a gospel that always is helping me grow and become a better person :)

Love you all, Manila is calling! I'll keep you in my prayers :)


 Sister Zarbock  

P-day--4th of July!

My awesome District!!

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