Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 11 "The Rains Came Down and the flooooods came up"

Week 11

Dear Family and Friends, Boys and Girls of all ages,

Well hello everyone! The week seems to go by so fast! :) I can't believe it is already another Monday, it feels so good to be able to talk to you again. You have no idea how much the emails help. Love all of you! :) Rainy Season is still here, there was a lot of flooding this week and the wind and rain were NEVER ending...I can't believe there is so much rain. It's kind of fun to go out but also super challenging to try to see people when their street is flooded in knee-deep water. But the work must go on, right? 

Cute Sister from my Zone!

We had a really good finding this week, we have been all about finding the golden investigator and finding the golden families...and I think we had some pretty cool lessons and conversations this week. You really never know what you are going to find here, I think that's what I love about missionary work, you never know who is listening or how the person is going to feel or where the spirit leads you :) its really so awesome!

Some quick experiences for the week was when we were on the way to visit Sister Amalia and we saw this cute little family playing in front of their little store and we decided to talk to them and normally we don't go down that street but for some reason we thought this other way would be faster. We started to talk to the mom and turns out she has a husband and 3 little kids. AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY MARRIED! WHAT?? So we got a return appointment from them and taught them later in the week. And it went super well! :) We hope they continue to progress!

Another experience this week was with a man named Cesar--I called him Cesar Salad and he totally laughed. I thought I was pretty funny ;) But I started talking to him, I stopped him on the street when my companions were talking to some other people. He didn't look super approachable with headphones in, umbrella, head down--but I was like why not? So I stopped him and we got to know each other and he started to talk to me about how he used to be taught by some sister missionaries and he lives in the area. He started to tell me how he is has been super confused about which church is the right one, which one he should go to...I told him all about how I felt that a lot of times too, just confused about what is the right way in life and everything. He seemed super interested so we got his address and everything and should be visiting him soon.

We just had a bunch of little experiences like that this week and it really is so cool to see the little miracles that happen every day. A lot of the times they are small, a lot of the times you wouldn't notice it unless you took a step back and thought about it. :) But they happen and it really is so cool to be a recipient of that, to just be able to see Heavenly Father's hand in everything--because He really is in everything. 

Updates on some of our investigators this week:

Yuta--Japanese guy. By the way, how awesome is it that his name is "Utah"? Okay anyway,  his lesson went super well this week and he just had a cool comment about the Holy Ghost this week. We were talking about how you can feel the Holy Ghost: its the comforter, it brings us peace, help us make decisions...and he stops us and says "So its like God is in us?" and we took a step back and we were like, yeah that actually makes sense. It is totally like we have a little bit of God in us. We teach him so simply that sometimes you forget how important the role of the Holy Ghost is.

Jason and Phoebe--Phoebe is a less Active that we just got a calling for and shes been coming back to church and now her husband is going to get baptized soon! Our lessons with them are super awesome. He had a little bit of a Word of Wisdom problem so we had him start living that this week. But Phoebe is super awesome, she is always motivating him and you can really see the difference in their relationship just since they have both been coming to church. :)

Honestly this week has been pretty good, I have had more "aha" moments with Tagalog which is so great. :) You really just have to give everything to the Lord, when things get frustrating or I feel inadequate--or whatever it is, I really just take a step back and see how far I have come, count my blessings, and then try again :) That is what I am learning on a mission for sure, take correction with willingness! Be patient always and always remember the things you CAN do.

Just to end on a spiritual note, kind of having to do with just always improving yourself. I was reading in Alma this week and I came across a scripture I really like, Alma 60:23. Just talking about the "inner vessel" and how we really need to start inside before we can expect results on the outside. I have found that before I ask, "why isn't this person coming to church?" "Why are they inactive?" I take a look inside, see maybe a concern they have or where their faith is lacking and start there. Working from the inside out :) Just kind of a cool thought I had this week.

Well everyone, this week was a good one and I am continuing to love the Philippines more and more. Missionary work isn't easy, but it is definitely worth it :)

Have a good week!
Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Zarbock

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