Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 12 "Life is a highhhhhway, I'm gonna riddde it all night long..."

Week 12

This song came on in McDonald's the other day, I had an awesome moment let me tell ya. 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello everyone! Magandang Hapon! Hope everyone had a great week, its so awesome to be able to email everyone and hear about your weeks--thank you again for all the love and support :) This week was transfers--wasn't really expecting anything to change for us pero we got a little surprise today! Sister Holzworth will be transferring and is becoming a Sister Training Leader, I AM A PROUD ANAK :) So Sister Dolor will be finishing off my training. Sad to see Sister Holzworth go because we have had so many awesome experiences and so much fun! This should be a fun next transfer with Sister Dolor--Can't believe its all ready been 6 weeks in the field. But anyway, this week was a good work week, can't wait to tell you all about it.

The trio no longer--Sister Holzworth transferred :(

BGC--Big fancy city where we teach the English families

We had an awesome work week of finding people and a lot of our investigators are progressing, which is the best. It is so awesome to be teaching someone and see the light of Christ grow inside of them. :) This happened with Glinda this week, we have been teaching her the past couple of weeks . We taught her about baptism and the holy ghost and we asked her if that would be something she wanted in her life and she just smiled so big and said that she would want nothing more! Aaahhh! How awesome is that? :) She is doing good and we hope she continues to progress! 

We taught Christina this week, just a Less Active from China who just needs a visit every now and then to have someone to talk to, she's deaf so its kind of hard to understand her sometimes. But we went and she told us that she was so grateful for our last visit to her--we taught about how important it is to go to church and how we need to keep the sabbath day holy. She came to church and she said that the lesson could not have been more perfect for her situation, her grandpa passed away and the lesson was all about Resurrection. She just talked to us about her life and when I start to listen to members or investigators trials and challenges, I just love them more and more. I think Heavenly Father has a special place in his heart for Christina. 

I think this week was a week of a missionary appreciation, we were able to visit the Kanigan family this week. The Dad works for the Embassy and they have lived everywhere. Brazil, Africa, all over the states--its awesome! And we were sharing a thought with them on how they can be Member Missionaries, they have four boys and one girl--reminds me of my family a little bit. And at the end of our message Brother Kanigan shared a little bit about how grateful he is for us and that we are coming to strengthen the members, spend time in their houses, and we were able to kneel in prayer with his family. As he was talking to us I couldn't help but tear up because I have never really heard so far on my mission how grateful people are that we are furthering the work and that we are spending time with their family, obviously I am happy to serve but it was just a cherry on top to hear that from a member. :) 

At an investigators house--with their cute puppy

We had a lot of awesome moments of talking to people and finding new investigators this week, we started to teach the Genesis family this week--we definitely follow kids around in the street to see where they live, so that was super cool it worked out. :) We also met a couple of new foreigners this week--we are over all foreigners in the mission. Its way fun when we are walking down the street and we see a white person, or a black person from France--that was a nice find this week. Haha they are always super nice and we automatically form a bond because we are the minority--its awesome. :) 

Well just thought I would end with a quick spiritual thought this week. I just started the New Testament and am reading all about the miracles and how Jesus went about doing good while he was on the earth. And I just love how Christ serves without thinking of himself and serves anyone without judgement, we shared this week with a part member family all about how we are Christ's hands while we are on the earth. And how we need to be able to take his name upon us and to really think of others before ourselves, no matter who they are or where they come from. If I have learned one thing on my mission so far, is that we need to serve anyone and everyone--because you never know who needs the gospel :) 

Well I hope everyone has an awesome week! Until next time! 

Mahal Ko Kayo! 

Sister Zarbock

Gospel Principles class, Yuta is on the far right--isn't he the coolest?
The guy in the middle is going to Rhea's 

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