Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 29 A week to remember :)

Week 29

Dear Family and Friends, 

Well this week was one to remember--really feel extra blessed for being on a mission this week. Christmas season is the funnest time to be a missionary my goodness especially in the Philippines :) People are happy, random people sing and dance in streets, and we have a blast caroling to random people so they let us in their house haha.  But anyway, this week was a good one and I can't wait to tell ya all about it. 

So me and Sister Guiuo were having a normal day like any other and we were pretty excited to be going to a Christmas Choir Concert on Saturday. And we are walking up to the chapel on Saturday when a Sister from Makati 4th comes up to me and says she has a surprise for me. And Then I just see some really blonde hair and I couldn't believe IT WAS THE ONE AND ONLY RHEA WALTERS. Dropped my bag and we hugged/cried for maybe 15 minutes haha.  But seriously it was a happiest surprise to see her, and know she's a real person!  Don't worry she's alive and well!

Meeting up with Sister Walters--my dear friend from home serving in the
Philippines Baguio Mission.  She made an 8-hour bus ride to Manila to take
 her companion to the doctor.  We ended up at the same Christmas concert!
Christmas concert!
Selfie with our buds at the Christmas Concert
Sister Guiuo, Sister Singer, Kelly--our investigator, me at the Christmas concert
It's kinda just fun to be a missionary with one of your besties too because on Sunday Rhea and I had an awesome lesson with a new investigator--Rhea and I got to be companions for a second and teach Roger from Ghana in Makati 4th ward :) One day Roger and his sister just showed up to church last week and then came this week too so I had a little side conversation with him before our class about how he should be baptized and he said he had heard a lot of weird things about mormons but now that he's been to church he wants to get baptized. Cool, well that was pretty easy.  And he is awesome, his sister has rock solid faith, he is golden. So everyone pray for Roger from Africa!

Me and Rhea at church!

Just one more--for good measure!
Earlier in the week I went on exchanges with Sister Barton and that was so fun to spend a day with her.  She's been in Palawan for the last 9 months so she's just getting used to the big city haha.  But it was fun to be with her for the day. 

We had an awesome lesson with Kelly at the Ostler's house (my mission President) and it was just a nice spiritual-filled lesson about the purpose of Jesus Christ in our lives.  And you know with Kelly you have to teach very simply and clearly but that lesson just helped me realize how simple Jesus Christ life is and how much we need to try to be like Him while we are on the earth right now.  And Kelly is doing awesome, slowly but surely she is just getting that desire to know and change through the gospel. And you can't get a better spirit than when you are at the Ostler's home! 

To finish off I have an update on Antonio (guy from last week) HE CAME TO CHURCH :) So happy day with that. We were just sitting in sacrament meeting and as soon as I saw him and his daughter I couldn't even hide my smile because I was so shocked/happy/grateful they came to church! 

You know a couple of times this week we were talking to our investigators about their families with it being pasko and everything. And a lot of people said they have a broken family, or they aren't married, or their husband died--I don't know just a lot more times this week than normal I heard family problems after family problems with each one of our investigators. And it made me really grateful for the family I have and the knowledge of eternal families through temples. And especially grateful for the love of my ward family--thanks for all your sweet emails.  

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!!  Hope its an extra memorable one :) 

Sister Zarbock 

Our investigator Angelie's adorable twin girls!!!

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