Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 27 Malagayang Pasco :)

Week 27

Dear Fam and Frenz, 

Hello errybody :) Its officially Christmas Season! WE MADE IT. Christmas songs are going on in all the stores, we saw Christmas lights this week, and this week marked 6 months for me out in the field. WHOOP. Can't believe its been that long, so weird. Anyway, this week was a good one. I was a little stir crazy last week so it was so great to be out and working this week again. Felt really nice to be out of the house and all that fun stuff. :) We had a really good week this week of teaching and all that good stuff. Just the regular mission life, just grateful to be right where I am :) All in all, I think the best weeks on the mission are the weeks where you teach a lot and meet a lot of interesting/weird/out of no where kind of people haha. And thats the kind of week we had. 

So a little update on some peeps. Kelly is alive and well--she is the Chinese investigator. Super fun to teach her like always and she is just cruising through the Book of Mormon. And I asked what made her want to read it the other day...Haha and she says she can actually understand it so its no problem :) So at least she understands one thing, and it happens to be the most important thing.  Go Kelly, she also came to church on Sunday. And I nudged Jerry to go sit by her and he master mind plan to get them together is slowly in motion. Jokes.  

Beth is doing good. We have been teaching her and her cute daughter Faith for the past couple of weeks. She has a lot of questions on Temples, the plan of salvation--which is my favorite thing to talk about with investigators.  So that was fun this week. And she really opened up with us and that is always a good sign that these people trust us.  So good vibes from Beth. And we had an awesome moment like that with Trisha Kate too this week, she has been separated from her mom since she was little and kinda has a difficult family situation and she just opened up to us about that. I feel like she is kinda like my little sister I never had...we hugged it out so alls good over here. 

Angelie came back from Lagoon-a and so we visited her, its so fun to visit her cute family.  So happy to see her. We talked about the commandments and the Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom--honestly I think it will be a while before she is baptized but her faith and desire has really been strengthened since I first started visiting her so we aren't given up.  I think what I have really learned is to just trust in God's timing, almost always things never happen according to how you want it, so we just got to take a backseat and let that desire work itself in her. 

Cezar came to church this week so that was fun too. But honestly I think my favorite/most spiritual lesson was with Mildred.  Oh I love that lady. She is a Less Active and is house help for a family in our area, and this week she said she just missed her family--she doesn't go home that often. And of course, we of all people understand that feeling. But we were singing Silent Night with her to start the lesson...And, it was just the most comforting, loving spirit in the room. And the song ended, and she said "ganda ang pakiramdam ko." She just felt that peace, the spirit is called the "Comforter" for a reason. 

So overall mood of the week? Comforted. Just a happy camper right where I am at. Being a missionary is crazy, stressful at times--but all in all NO effort is wasted if you are sharing the gospel. 

Have a good one this week errbody! 

Mahal ko kayo! 
Sister Zarbock

Dinner and Christmas lights with the Keys family!

My far away from home traditional "Gingerbread Party"!
Not quite the same as real gingerbread--but it works.  Thanks Jules!
Matching Mission shirts!

Still obsessed with puppies! There are some exotic 
looking ones in Makati!

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