Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 26 "One is the loneliest number....." -me, the whole weekend

Week 26

My cute companion was deathly sick for a couple of days this week--I was feeling like a real mom this week--MOM thanks for taking care of me when I have been sick. But it included her sleeping 99 percent of the time for 4-5 days so I spent my time blasting Christmas hymns, listening to over 6 hours of Conference talks, and cleaning our whole apartment twice--even the fridge (Jules you would be proud) Haha so you could say I was a little lonely..... :) 


Dear Fam and Frienz of all ages, 

How is everyone doing this fine day?  I hope everyone had an awesome week as usual. We had a pretty good week this week--well we had a super solid first half of the week. Our Thursday-Saturday were not so hot for Sister Guiuo. My poor child has been a little under the weather.  But we have a few successes with some of our investigators, can't wait to tell you all about it. 

First off I talked about a newbie Chinese investigator named Kelly last week--we taught her twice this week and she is just a ray of sunshine!  She said she loved our church and she loves the people, she just doesn't have a super solid foundation of Jesus Christ or God so we are teaching her little by little. But she is doing good, I have high hopes for Sister Kelly. She came to church yesterday and it was the primary program, what better way to reel someone in than with a buncha cute kiddos :) So everyone pray for Kelly!! It is super fun to teach her cause its like 5 different translations going on. Sister Guiuo Tagalog, Me Tagalog to English, English to Chinese--its kinda funny to watch actually. But good times with Kelly. 

We had a movie night with Cezar and Manuel at the Albania's home this week and it went super well. We watched the Restoration, that video is super awesome.  I think it really makes people feel like the restoration really needed to happen and it creates such a nice spirit and visual. And plus we got Lasagna--so everyone is happy. The Albania's are members in the ward and their Grandfather was over--he was one of the first sealers in the Philippines temple here. So we had MEMBER POWER. Haha, Cezar came to church this week too. 

Something kinda fun happened this week, we had MTC exchanges.  I did this same thing like over 5 months ago when I was in the MTC.  I can't believe how weird it was to see all of these bagong mga misyonero. It was seriously the biggest De Ja Vu moment. I vividly remember being in the shoes of these missionaries, feeling a 'little overwhelmed-I have no idea what is going on' kinda attitude. And now here I am 5 almost 6 months later.  We didn't have time to go all the way back to our area so we got to teach in our STL (Sister Training Leader) area. My little MTC companion was Sister Laumape from Tonga and she was the cutest, so it was a fun day to spend with her.

Sister Laumape from Tonga.  She's in the
MTC--did splits with her this week.
MTC Split with Sister Laumape
More MTC Sisters--all of them going to my dear friend
Sister Rhea Walters mission (Philippines Baguio mission)
Finally met Sister Barton doing exchanges.  Us two and Sister
Singer are the only American sisters in the entire mission :)

We had a field trip to the temple with Phoebe and Jason this week, we did baptisms for the dead. It has been so cool to be able to see Jason get baptized and progress in the gospel and then actually go to the temple and I hope to see them go ONE MORE TIME IN WHITE :) to get sealed. But it was a cool experience with them. Happy to have met them for sure. 

And the last experience of the week was with Beth and Faith--they are new from last week. And we got to teach the Plan of Salvation. Beth has so many questions and it was so awesome to be able to teach her about this great, grand plan Heavenly Father has for us.  Also one of my favorite things, to teach the plan of salvation to people who don't really know exactly where they are going after this life. So total bonus for me. 

To end on a spiritual note--power of the priesthood. We were visiting one of our Less Actives, Roley, and he had a mini stroke earlier that day and it was kind of a coincidence we actually were there because he was on our back up, back up plan...but we were talking to him and I just had a thought that he should get a priesthood blessing so we came back later with Brother Albania. Then later in the week, Sister Guiuo got a priesthood blessing because she was super sick.  It just helped me realize that the priesthood really is God's power on the earth.  

Okay, love you all. Thanks for the emails and the support! Happy December this week! 

Sister Zarbock

Temple trip with Phoebe and Jason--our recent baptism
I braided hair in the car haha :)
MTC missionaries we met up with at the temple!  I represented the
United States single-handedly!
Of course had Christmas music as I was decorating.
Jules would expect nothing less.

Dinner for one--lonely times while
Sister Guiuo was sick :(

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