Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 24 "Oh so its like a buy one take one?"

Week 24

Haha we were teaching Paulie this week about Family History.  We were talking about whoever has been deceased in your family for longer than a year you can do family work for them.  He said that both his parents have passed away,  so he asked if he can get baptized for both of them? And he was like "ooohhh so its like a buy one take one?" Thought about it for a second...yeah sure. If that makes sense to you why not :) 

Dear ang mga kaibigin ko at pamilyo ko, 

Hello! :) Hope all is well for everyone. This week was a good one for us! I wanted to first shout out and say happy wedding this week to my filipino brother and his beautiful soon to be wife Kelsey :) I am seriously so excited for you guys and this next step in your life! So sad I can't be there to celebrate. But know I am totally in spirit and am so pumped for you guys, I know Saturday will be a special day for you! 

On to the week. We had a pretty good teaching this week, we had a lot of members cancel on working with us so that was a little bit of a downer.  I did get deathly sick on Saturday PERO other than that it was an awesome week haha.  First update, Angelie did have her baby yesterday and we are so excited to visit her and see her cute baby girl.  Trisha Kate is doing good--she is starting to really get into the Book of Mormon which always makes us super happy...and she said that she saw her Dad reading it one day when she came home from school so that was a TOTAL bonus. She doesn't know it but we are gonna get her whole family! 

Some really awesome Gift of Tongues experiences this week...I am always SO humbled and grateful when moments like this happen my goodness. When you feel like you can just share exactly what's coming from your heart or you can exactly express what the spirit wants you to words to describe other than complete and perfect gratitude holy cow. I ain't the smartest person out there, so it really is a miracle for me everyday that God will help me, couldn't do this without Him that is FOR SURE.  

One of those experiences was with Brother Manuel--he was an OYM who came to church. We had a great first lesson with him this week and I am so excited to see what will happen with him...I have high hopes! Another was with Sister Beth, a referral from a member, and so I am excited to see how they will both progress.  

Me and Sister Guiuo ran out of Restoration Pamphlets this week and we weren't getting our new order of pamphlets until we started to try to mix up our finding a little bit. Just to see what would happen.  We started to talk to person after person about how we need to be baptized or about the plan of salvation--and it was just so funny how many people would bring up little hints of the Restoration in all of their questions. Either they would ask...well how do you know someone has the right authority? Why are there so many churches? What makes someone a worthy leader?...I mean it was just questions that made me so grateful that we have the knowledge of the restoration. That we have a prophet that guides our church today and that Joseph Smith really did restore Christ's church back on the earth.  So I just had an awesome realization that we teach the Restoration because it fills in these gaps I that we really have the full and everlasting gospel. So COOL realization this week. 

Like to finish off with a tender mercy that happened on Friday I believe with a guy named Bobby.  We were coming home after a long work day and we starting talking to this guy and he happened to be riding our same jeepnee home and so I chatted with him the whole way there and then we got onto our next jeepnee and he happened to live kind of close to where we live. IT was just a really nice conversation and he bought our jeepnee ride for us. Honestly it was the littlest thing...but you know 6 months ago, I would never be able to just sit and chat with someone for a good 20 minutes about their life because I probably wouldn't be able to understand a word they would have said. And it just made me realize how grateful I am to be a missionary and that God gives magical powers to missionaries with magic tags to be able to chat with people and help them out with their lives haha.  

So small victories this week...but by small and simple things great things will come to past. I testify of that :) 

Love y'all, 

Sister Zarbock

Hanging with the Sister!


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