Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 1 "Tell everybody I'm on my way...."

Week !

Dear Family and Friends, 

Kumusta po! 

I really can't believe it has already been my first week as a missionary. I am so excited to tell all of you about my MTC experience so far. So lets just get right into it! 

So traveling. Honestly felt so long ago but it went well, when I was going up the escalator and waving one last goodbye to my cute fam I kind of had this feeling like Holy cow! I am really doing this! I am going to be a missionary, I have spent so much time thinking, pondering, and wondering what it would be like and here I am actually doing it. I flew from Utah to LA with a batch of 10 missionaries. 4 sister missionaries including me and 6 elders. The LA to Hong Kong was very very...very long haha. But I made some new Filipino friends who ended up being on our next flight. We picked up a few elders along the way. 

The first day of the MTC. When people say it's the longest day of your life they aren't kidding. We pulled up and I was thinking there were going to be a lot of other Americans meeting us there but the 10 of us that traveled together were it. The day was spent getting immunizations taken care of, getting our name tags, a lot of orientation like things, and devotionals. We also were able to meet our companions and my companion is Sister Singer. We already know each other pretty well which is a total bonus! We communicated and got to know each other before we left on our missions and we went to each others farewells and everything. She is from Salt Lake City and we seriously have so much fun together. She is awesome! 

The rest of the week was very busy! Lots of language training, classes, personal studying, devotionals...but honestly I have never felt more at home.(okay mom of course nothing beats home home) but I really am so at peace knowing I am doing what the Lord wants me to do. :) Another big part of the MTC is your district because you are with them all the time with classes and language training, our district is so great. We have 3 Samoans--let me tell you all Samoans do is laugh and make everything so much lighter and they are so happy all the time. Then there are 2 elders from Texas and Arizona and 4 sisters including me and Sister Singer. I love the other companionship of Sisters as well, it feels like we have been friends forever. 

Meals everyday consist of rice, vegetables and some sort of meat. When people told me they eat rice for every meal they really aren't kidding but I don't mind! :) Gym time we play volleyball, basketball--just saying I beat an elder at be proud. One night we ran around while it was raining...that was really fun :) 

The coolest part of the week has honestly been meeting so many different kinds of people. There are people from India here, Indonesia, all over the Philippines, Samoa, New Zealand, and Australia. When I bore my testimony on Sunday I talked about that. I talked about even though we are all so different and have such different lifestyles, cultural, nationalities...we all come together for the soul purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ. The gospel really is eternal and unchanging. 

Me and Sister Singer have been teaching an investigator and her name is Sister Andaya. We teach investigators to already start to practice our language and we have had actually some really awesome experiences. Tagalog is actually not too bad, I feel like I just really have to forget all I have ever known about speaking and embrace how the Filipinos talk haha. But with teaching Sister Andaya, even though we really can't understand all that she is saying...or most of what she is saying, the spirit really does testify to her. The missionary goal is to really just be a vessel to the spirit. :) 

So my first week was good and later today we get to go to the temple, I am so excited :) I am so happy to finally be a missionary! Mahal Kita! 


Sister Starbucks--people can never say Zarbock so they say like that coffee place? Yup thats me! 

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