Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 37 "Cause this is THRIIILLLLLER"

Week 37

Yes, this song for sure came on while we were riding a trike the other day and I freaked out and started doing my little zombie dance in my head---haha I was in Thriller with Odyssey (I am not some weirdo who just has zombie dances ;)) 

Dear Family and Frenz, 

Hello everyone so happy to be emailing you this week :) Life has been in Fast Forward motion since transfers on Wednesday, I literally can't believe its Monday again.  But this has been a week to remember...maybe one of the funnest, memorable weeks of my mission thus far.  But first...

I got a new companion as I said last week and her name is Sister Gabriel.  She is 24, she was an elementary teacher before the mission, she's from Tarlac--her native language is Ilocano and she is just the best--I love her so much already. Can't wait for this next transfer with her. 

Sister Gabriel--my new companion!!!  

The Fab 4 (Coron Sisters) in our new house!

Filipinos put baby powder on everyday so I
was helping Sister Garbiel

So our first day of the transfer was spent moving houses...again haha.  So if anyone needs help moving after my mission I am SUUUPER good at it now. But our new house is BEAUTIFUL.  I will send pictures next week. 

To first start out the week was a movie night with the Camacho's before Sister Tango left and it was such a great night.  We watched the Restoration and afterward we had a testimony meeting with their family. It was just super cool to listen to the testimonies of the Camacho family--they really have the strongest beliefs that our church is true--loved being apart of that. 

So I have been talking about Sara and she is doing good--she was sick this week so she couldn't come to church but earlier in the week we brought coconut and had scripture study.  And it is so cool to see the Book of Mormon work its way into her heart. The Book of Mormon really is the word of God. 

The coolest thing this week was our missionary fireside on Saturday. Elder Schmutz and his wife were our special guests for the fireside and it was such a fun night.  We taught about the Plan of Salvation and created this HUGE plan of salvation. We had games, halo-halo, and we just a great time with all of the members and investigators. A NIGHT TO REMEMBER :) 

Our whole day on Saturday--preparing for the missionary fireside :)
Plan of Salvation big as life haha

Missionary fireside!

Sister Claudine is still going strong, she should be getting baptized soon--love her family so much.  

Well to finish off, I just am so grateful for this little section of the world I get to be apart of. This little branch has my heart...I know I say that every week but I really just love these people SO much. They have the biggest hearts, the strongest testimonies--and while we were getting ready for the fireside we were saying a quick prayer before it started and I just had one moment of just pure gratitude that I get to be a missionary here. 

Until next week, happy Valentines Day :) 

Sister Zarbock 

Sister Claudine with her baby
Visiting friends of Elder Schmutz
Elder Schmutz and his wife--our special guests
at the missionary fireside :)
Branch pianist (aka me)
Everyone messing with me while I try to practice
I went to put my shoe on and there was a frog in it :(

Mt. Tapyas--round 2

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