Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 36 "Play a little rock're in the mood for a dance"

Week 36

"And when you get the chance....forgot the words....You are the DANCING QUEEN!!! Some really awesome Fiiipino guy was playing this song outside of his house and dancing with his little grand kiddos. Man, I love Filipinos so much haha..they are literally SO awesome. 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Well hello everyone :) Its so good to chat with you. It has been a nice busy, full week. Which was SOOOO needed in my life.  We have been going this way and that with Zone Conference in Manila. And its been so fun. I have seen a lot of my old pals in Manila and gave my anak an extra long hug before she heads off to Temple Square on Feb 14, saw Sister Dolor before she goes home this transfer, saw my best mission bud Singer--LIFE IS GOOD :) Love my little mission family that just keeps growing and growing. But anyway a little on to the week!

Sister Guiuo before she heads off to
Temple Square--her visa finally came!
Sister Dolor before she heads home!
The fam--together again!
First off, its transfers this week!!!!  And I will be staying in paradise and Sister Tango will be transferred! :) Can't wait to meet my new comp later this week! Pictures to come!  

So Zone Conference was super awesome. There has been a fancy schedule change with the missionaries that everyone is buzzin about -- only missionaries would freak out about a schedule change haha :) So we have been adjusting to that this week, its been pretty fun! But I really loved Pres. Ostler's message. He used one of my favorite hymns in his message, "I Stand All Amazed." He talked about how amazing the Atonement is, and how we need to take those moments to be amazed at the the things around us.  It was a nice, humbling message--I guess be humbled to the dust seems to be my mission theme haha. 

After we went to the Zone Conference we gotta go to the temple. It was a dream! I love the temple OH so much!

Manila temple after Zone Conference :)
With Sister Tango at the Manila temple
My roomies--the Coron Sisters at the temple
After all the fun in Manila we came back to Coron and we had an awesome rest of the week of teaching and I have a couple of really awesome finds to tell you about.  We were eating at a restaurant on our way home from the airport and we met some awesome people from Malaysia. And we starting chatting with this sister..she is like 25 and she tells us that her mom has been a member. She came to church this week, she will be staying here for like 2 months. You literally never know who you are going to meet here. 

Sara...talked about her last week. She is going strong and is currently beating me in the Book of Mormon...embarrassing. She mentions it every time we visit. So I am just cruising so I can try to beat her. She came to church this week with her 3 little kids. They are so cute, she isn't married so hopefully we can extend a marriage date this week--they do these mass weddings here? Haha its kind of funny. Everyone who wants to get married they just hold a giant ceremony. So hopefully we can get her on board for that. 

Mary Jane. I starting chatting with Mary Jane last week and we have been getting to be pretty good friends--missionary work on the island is kind of different I found. You really have to get into the heart of the investigator, you really need to be their friend or they get nervous/are scared of you, but slowly but surely you have to sneak up on them with how awesome our message is. And so we tried that with Mary Jane.  I have high hopes for her. 

Claudine. MY HOME GIRL :) She has been solid coming to church for a month or so...I LOVE Claudine.  she really is so awesome. Her husband has been sick but we really want them to get baptized together. So just slowly but surely. We had an awesome message with all her cute little kids watching the Restoration Video this week...good times. 

BEST MOMENT DURING ENGLISH CLASS. Haha so every week we have English Class and I am the teacher. And I am trying to give a pronunciation exercise thing and I couldn't even do it....all the Filipinos told me I have a Filipino accent now--hahaha it made me laugh. Sister Adduru had to do pronunciation because I couldn't do it. I can't even teach my own language anymore...sooo sad. But hey at least I brought treats and the word of the day was marshmallow #success 

Finish on a spiritual moment. Just on how much I love the people here. Life is good. I got the stare down from President Adduru to bare my testimony because there was an awkward silence during testimony meeting yesterday...I should know better than to make eye contact with him...but I was just looking out at this cute branch at all the amazing, pioneer members here in Coron.  The people here are great. 

Okay I love you, Hope this week is a good one! 

Sister Zarbock

The beach on Coron

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