Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 35 Story Time with the Pres. Adduru :)

Week 35

Dear Friends and Family, 

The Adduru's are a Senior Couple that are over the mission this week--one day I went on splits with the Sisters and Sister Adduru stayed with my sick companion. Pres. Adduru came with us to go proselyting and he spent a lot of time telling me a lot of his life stories--old people are awesome haha :) 

Hello! I hope everyone had a good week this week.  Mine was a little interesting to say the least! My companion was sick this week so I spent a lot of time at the apartment studying and cleaning--the sisters have now called me the mom of the bahay haha. I even made the sisters that live in our apartment sack lunches haha but all is good. We had a few cool experiences this week! 

Sara. We visited Sara this week and she is just CRUISING through the Book of Mormon. The sisters before us started teaching her and she wasn't really progressing but then we came back and she is half way through Alma and came to church this week.  It was awesome! She has the cutest little family and we went to go pick them up for church they were all ready to go--tender mercies! 

I got to go on splits with the sisters this week too and it was super fun! 

Not a lot of time to write today but we headed to Manila today for Zone Conference and Interviews--so we are excited for that! 

To end on a spiritual note....Just the power of testimony. As I went on splits this week I really got to see other missionaries testify of the things they know to be true.  We were able to watch the Missionary Broadcast this week and that is a huge take away that we need to always be testifying of things we know to be true ALWAYS.

LOVE YOU ALL. Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Zarbock 

On our way to Manila for Zone Conference and Interviews :)

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