Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 31 Bagong Taon, Bagong Buhay, Bagong Pagasa

Week 31

Dear Family and Frenz, 

Hello everyone :) Hope everyone had a happy new year. First off I can't believe it is already 2017, it seems like 2016 just came and gone. That was easily the fastest year of my WHOLE life. But it was a happy one. I took a lot of times this week to just think about all of the stuff that has gone on in the past year and it made me feel SO grateful for all the opportunities that have come about. So cool. Let me get off my soap box and lets wish some people a happy freaking birthday. JACK--maligayang bati! Sobrang masaya ako kasi magaling kayo sa tagalog. Pakatopas ang mission ko, makakapagtagalog po tayo araw-araw. 22 ka na! Matanda ka na din ;) But seriously I hope you are feeling a little bit of that 22 vibe and you blasted that t-swift. There is no better way. 

Happy Birthday, Jack!  This picture says it all! 

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER :) Jules, I miss you like CRAZY. And I hope you have an AMAZING birthday. Just know that I think about you always and pretty much all my companions know how awesome you are. You are literally my favorite human being on this planet and I hope Dad lets you buy whatever you want and you get to go out somewhere nice :) Love you to death jules. 

Happy Birthday Jules!  I'm all packed--ready to leave for Palawan!
On to my week, it was a good one :) BUT to first start out I AM TRANSFERRING!!!!!!!!! I am going to PALAWAN!!!!!---seriously couldn't be more excited. So this was my last week in Makati.  Because of the holidays we couldn't get a flight last week so I stayed with the new Sisters of Makati until today. Me and another Sister leave tomorrow morning. I will tell you all about my area when I actually go there haha. But couldn't be more excited, I am ready to get out of the city for a little while. 

So because of delayed flight plans,  I got to be a foursome for the week with...you'll never guess. Sister Singer, Sister Dolor, and Sister Guiuo. And this was maybe the funnest week of my mission. I seriously have never laughed so much in my whole life. I gotta see my crazy Tita Sister Dolor, gotta be with my bestie of the mission Sister Singer, and my cute little anak Sister Guiuo. Life on the mission is so much fun when you've got your favorite Sisters with you. A little onto what I did this week. 

Lolo Rey :) And Kuya Arnold

Antonio Family!
Me and Singer!

Spent a lot of time being pretty sentimental haha :) I feel like I have developed some awesome friendships with people and it was kind of a bittersweet week teaching and saying goodbye to all of the people I have been with for 6 months. And it was kinda of tender moments telling our investigators and members that this will be my last week in the area. :) I don't know it just made me feel like what I am doing is making a difference to them, so honestly that was a super nice realization for me. A lot of the members wanted to spend time with us, we got fed WAY too much, and I got to spend time with all my friends I've made in Makati--totally worth having a delayed flight plan. A lot of the times as a missionary you are just going, going and going--often times you don't really think about "being appreciated" but that was kind of a nice moment for me this week. 

Bernadeth and her cute baby :)
Elma--Less-Active member

We had a lot of awesome lessons this week with the Antonio Family, Kelly, Bernadeth, and just all of the people I have been teaching over the last little while. I am hoping for the best with them all. But I think they'll be in the best hands possible after I leave with Sister Singer coming into Makati and Sister Dolor who is returning to Makati and Sister Guiuo staying in the area.  I am so grateful for all the people I have been able to see and watch them progress in the gospel. Watched that little light of Christ make its way into their hearts.  One lesson this week was with Brother Antonio--we asked him what he felt the atonement meant for him. And he said that since the missionaries have been coming to his house, he feels that he is becoming closer and closer to Christ. 

And I think my favorite part of the week was when we asked Antonio how is Word of Wisdom problem was going...he has been smoking since he was 17 years old. And I almost didn't want to ask because I knew the answer would probably be not good, and same with all of his kids. But we asked everyone of them in a lesson this week--all of them said that as a family they all threw out their cigarettes. MAN I am glad the lighting was dark in their house cause there were tears in my eyes!  

But that was definitely the highlight of my week.  And just to end on a spiritual note I really could not be more grateful for this past year and for my time in Makati.  Life goes way too fast. :) 

Hope everyone has a good week and a happy new year!  

Sister Zarbock
New Year's Dinner for us

Bishop and his wife
Last Sunday in Makati 4th Ward :(
Arnold and Rey Guapofied
Last Sunday in Makati
Last Sunday in Makati
Family Tree!
My District
At the lights with Kelly!

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