Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 33 "Don't Worry, Beee Happy"

Week 33

Dear Erryone, 

Hello everybody :) I hope everyone had an awesome week. This one was just the regular ups, downs, successes, and everything in between.  So you could say it was a good week. It ain't a mission unless you go through every single emotion in the book haha. Nonetheless we did have a lot of really fun times and I am just happy to be on a little island doing some missionary work.  No words can describe all the things that go on everyday, all the people you meet in a day, the feelings you feel while teaching, going to church in a tiny little branch--just a lot of gratefulness and so humbled to be serving among such awesome/crazy people. Lets get on to the week. 

So we moved houses last Monday---and we live in this awesome 90's house now haha. Yellow and green walls, floral cupboards--its awesome. But moving houses was a little bit of a crazy part of the week. They moved all of our stuff on these tiny little trikes, haha it was awesome.

My room!  Two Sister roommates
My cranky companion who wouldn't
take a selfie with me :)
A little on to the people I have been teaching--because now I actually remember their names and who they are :) We are teaching on this mountainside that I call 'Tolentino" Hill. Because literally everyone on this hillside is all related. And so we were looking around this hill and it dawned on me that we should go straight to the source. So we go around asking everyone where "Lola Tolentino" lives. Or just the grandma of everyone and so we finally found this cute little grandma---the Lola Tolentino and we starting chatting with her. Come to find out that she has 13 kids and they all live in Coron on this hill. And she is just the cutest/wisest little lady I've ever met.  I was kind of just in 'awe' at this beautiful life she has with all her kids. Kinda cool experience for me. 

Haha this was actually a funny story that happened. We were walking and proselyting when a guy riding a motorcycle came and starting chatting with us and his name was Ricardo. And he just starting talking to us about God and how we were the answer to his prayers. That kind of happens to us a lot--its kinda funny. 

We had an awesome lesson with our home girl Minda. She is like 50 or so and she has such awesome faith. She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and she just held that book like it was everything she had---I don't know when people talk about those "prepared" people I had a hard time believing it but in our lessons with Minda I almost just laugh because it just seems too easy to teach her because she just LOVES the church. Those prepared people are REAL. 

To finish off we had the baptism of Joshua this week. Just the smallest little 9 year old I have ever seen--it took us 4 stores to find baptism clothes small enough to fit him. But this was just an awesome day :) In a branch--baptisms are a big deal. Everyone comes together, it was a great turn out.  And the best was seeing him confirmed on Sunday--hope my bangit piano playing didn't ruin the spirit of the meeting. Yes I am the new pianist for the ward...haha I know, they had to stoop down to the simplified hymns. Sorryyyy should have practiced more... ;) 
Josh's baptism!

The baptismal "font"
The crowd at the baptism!
Just to finish off with a spiritual thought. Just kind of the overall mood of the week is "Happiness is a Choice." Sometimes you just got to be happy no matter what people are placed in your path, who your companion is, happiness starts with just that simple choice within. That has been the thing that I have really learned for this week :) 

Love you all, 

Sister Zarbock 
The Addurus--Senior couple in Coron
P-day walk :)


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