Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 32 "Takin it to the Streets..." --My theme song this week :)

Week 32

Dear Family and Frenz, 

Hello errybody!  Hope all is well with everyone and that everyone is starting the year off right. Just wanted to start off and wish a Happy Anniversary to my cute magulang..parents this week. I hope its a good one! :) enjoy with good food and a night out on the town...knock on wood no one gets injured. Its a Zarbock tradition that one of the kids gets hurt every time our parents go on their weekend trip for their anniversary. But anyway, thanks for getting married and being good examples and all that wishy washy stuff, you are the bomb. Love you Jules and Bud! 

So this week has been CRAZY. I feel like I have been everywhere this week haha. I packed up all my stuff last Monday to be transferred, spent the night in Pasay, got on a plane and now I am in my new area.  I went from the city, millions of people, traffic everywhere to the serene Coron--haha thats what I am calling this place. It really is so beautiful here. So a part of our mission is the Palawan Islands and Coron is the northern most island. There are only 4 Sisters who cover the whole island.  And we just have a cute little branch out here, going to church was the weirdest thing ever because it could not be more opposite of where I just was haha.  Coron is so beautiful my goodness. There is a beach right outside our apartment and actually I see a lot of foreigners here for vacation. And there is one main road thats called the "highway." Its been a fun week getting used to everything going on...i already love it here. 
Coron Island!

My new companion is Sister Tango from New Zealand. She is awesome, she's been out on the mission a transfer ahead of me...but she's great! I am excited to spend the next transfer with her.  It was definitely a tender moment saying goodbye to my cute anak Sister Guiuo :( The masarap na smoothies are helping me fill the void.

Sister Tango from New Zealand :)

A little on to our week :) 

This week was a little bit of drinking water from a fire hydrant.  I feel like I am just a little newbie in the mission again. Its for sure been an adjustment to go from knowing the ins and outs of a specific area to knowing absolutely nothing. So honestly we taught a lot of awesome people this I remember their names? No but trying. Do I know what we taught them? ummm..not really.  So this week has just been a lot of change but if I have learned something from the mission it is to just embrace change. 

What I have loved about this place so far is that everyone lets you in their house. We are just walking along and anyone and everyone will just let us in, "Pasok, Kakain na!" Everyone's always offering us things so its SUPER fun. We met a lot of new people that we are gonna be following up on so updates to come next week. 

Just to finish off with a spiritual experience...honestly where ever you are in the world the gospel is always the same.  I think that is what I have loved about this week. No matter where we end up going, what people we find, where the members live, we still have that same spirit. And going to church this week was awesome. I just had a little minute to bare my testimony and I was just looking out at these pioneers of the mormon church in Coron and I am in awe with their spirit and strength.  Sister Tango and I are ready to hit the ground running, I am excited for this next week! :) 

Love all yal, 

Sister Zarbock

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