Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Week 38

Dear Family and Friends, 

Heelllloooo and happy late love day to everyone :) hope it was a good one and all you guys felt some extra love--I woke my companion up on Valentine's with a big fat hug and then I made her run stairs with me in the morning, but twas a good day!  Anyway, this whole week was just so much finding. I think we knocked on every door in our area, kidding but it really felt like that. I felt like I gave the same lesson like a MILLION times this week.  But honestly I love just having the green light to go into every single house and chat with people and try to get them to accept our message--it is just the funnest thing, you never know what you are gonna get.  And just how Buddy would say it, "A teaching missionary is a happy missionary." LOVE the Philippines. 

To start out, we found an awesome little family. Mark and Michelle and they have 3 kids, all of their names start with M so I just get so turned around. But we just started to chat with their friends who said they weren't interested, so they referred us to Mark's dad who didn't want to listen to us, and then Mark's dad told us to teach Mark. So low and behold we started to teach Mark and his family. And get this--we taught their WHOLE family AND they are married. So thank you for the all the rejections people. But Mark is super awesome, has a ton of questions about the apostasy and all of that, so we will be following up on them this week--wish us luck :) 

The MIRACLE of CLAUDINE :) So this was actually a cool thing that happened. So we have been teaching Claudine and she is Visaya so her first language isn't Tagalog--she totally doesn't understand what is going on when we teach and so we dug through our apartment to try to find a Visayas Book of Mormon and WE FOUND TWO :) one for her husband and her. And we gave it to her and she was just SO happy. They are doing so good--their whole family came to church yesterday so we were SO happy for them. 

We found the Lupian family. We were feeling super dedicated one day so we started going up to the houses that are literally on the mountain and we found the Lupian family who are former investigators and taught them a few times this week. It was super cool and they have an awesome view! 

Sara is kind of bleeehhh at the moment. She is reading but not coming to church--she might be a long term investigator.  We just keep on visiting and praying for her. Mary Jane and Jezzin are doing awesome, lots of questions and so we hope we can get them to church next week. 

To finish up with a spiritual thought.....There were a lot of times this week where people just sit and compare us with every religion under the sun. Typical because in the Philippines there are like 223,423,849 churches. So I was thinking this week about all of the different religions, and I just am feeling SO lucky. Being a member of this church, I have never felt something was missing, everything is just beautiful, simple...I have never had to compare or go wondering to somewhere else because I know that "simplicity of the doctrine of Christ" (1 Nephi 31) is being right where I am :) 

Love you all and hope you have an awesome week! 

Sister Zarbock 
My friend Ronald I pass coming up to the house every night!
Conception Falls today :)
Just take a look at this gorgeous place where I get to serve!
Hiking into the falls--NO, we didn't swim!

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