Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Week 40

This song is almost correct---but I definitely pray a million times a day so not totally accurate. 

Dear Family and Friends, 

I have indeed hit the half way mark this week :) 9 months of the mission is officially complete and I cannot believe it! Hahaha it was the weirdest thing waking up on March 1st and realizing I have been in the Philippines for 9 months--and then I just got up and went to work.  But really can't believe all that I have experienced and all that has happened. It for sure feels like my life is in fast forward all of the time but it's a happy fast forward and you really never know what you are going to experience.  It's a fun way to live to just completely put your will into Heavenly Father's, you never know where you are gonna end up. But anyway....let me tell you about my hump day. 

Thanks everyone for the "Hump Day" postcards!  Loved 'em!
This week was probably one of the most interesting weeks of my entire mission.  We had soon many experiences where I really just had to scratch my head and later think, "Did that really happen today?" hahaha it is the best. So everyone knows that the Philippines has so many different religions and people are SO confused about God, Jesus Christ...and all of that. So on my joyous hump day day we had the Jehovah's Witness's show up at our door to preach to us, we got stopped by a pastor for Iglesia ni Criso that tried to preach to us and get us to buy his Bible, we had a Catholic priest spray us with water and told us that women can't preach the gospel, someone asked me if I was a madre (nun) --- So pretty much my hump day was REALLY one to remember. Sister Gabriel and I looked at each other at the end of the day and just laughed and laughed and laughed---happy hump day Sister Zarbock. ;) Oh goodness! 

We had some awesome things happen this week though I will say. Claudine and Jecil are doing sooo good! They are getting baptized on the 18th. And it is just so cool to teach their whole family--they are loud and crazy, translating is still the weirdest thing ever, but they love the gospel. We had such a fun family night with them and the Velosis (ward mission leader) family this week.  It is just so fun to see someone progress but even better a FAMILY. The gospel really does bless families.

Claudine, Jecil, and their sweet family :)
Sister Suzanna came to church this week! We were teaching her this week and she was kind of nervous to go to church. So while we were teaching her I asked if she knew what the Nike Slogan was and she said...uummm...yeah..... And Sister Gabriel looks at me like I was crazy and I said "Suzanna YOU JUST GOTTA DO IT." She laughed and So did Sister Gabriel...but hey she came to church so I am giving all my thanks to Nike for having a rockin slogan. THANK YOU NIKE. 

The Lupian family is progressing this week!!! We gave them Book of Mormons this week and they have been reading :) Lynne is pregnant and is due this week--I feel like all I teach is pregnant people its so weird.  We are so excited for her. Anyway everyone is doing pretty good so hopefully they will get that desire to come to church this next week. 

To finish up I have a quick spiritual thought. So there were so many times this week where we have been talking to investigators and they share personal struggles, concerns, or preachers ask you the WEIRDEST questions and I just didn't have an answer to put it quite frank.  But that is why the spirit really works and is SO real.  In D&C 84:85 when it talks about how God will literally put words in your mouth is so true.  God really does take care of you if you let him--felt that a lot this week and over the past 9 months :) 

Well everyone I love you lots and hope this week is a good one for ya! 

Sister Zarbock

In our area ;)
I saved this kitten!
Our bahay!
P-day--Hot Springs!

Coolest bridge--Hot Springs

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