Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 46 Maligayang Pasco ng Pagkabuhay! :)

Week 46

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello everyone and happy belated Easter...or pasco ng pagkabuhay....every time I said that this week all of the Filipinos just kinda crack up. Hahaha, I love Filipinos. THEY ARE THE BOMB :) So I am just gonna be on the same boat with Sister Walters and do say that it is napakainit (JUST SO HOT) here in the Philippines at the moment. Like it is the hottest I have ever been in my whole life....every night and day I wake up just drenched in sweat. Sorry for the visual--but it is SO true. And then one day it starts to rain buckets so I totally don't understand. Maybe God answered my prayers??--I am going with that one ;)

So Easter in Mandaluyong is probably the weirdest time ever....everyone goes home to their provinces and there is like NO one here...but its so great because there is no traffic. And Easter is SOOOOO scary especially on Good Friday. So I had heard scary stories from people about easter in the Philippines but I was like, "I will believe it when I see it..." kinda thing...AND ITS ALL TRUE. So they have this thing called the "walk" and its a bunch of people dressed in white head to toe and they just walk and walk and walk up until their church (which is like 6 miles) to show that they have faith in Christ. And there are these huge crosses, people are crucified, people are beaten with chain. ITS SO FREAKY. So I asked Sister Petras if she did that cause she was a Catholic back in the day...and she said yeah we would just walk and walk with all our friends, I asked if she knew why and she said no haha :) So anyway that was my Easter experience, I hope all y'all had an Easter full of fluffly bunnies, chocolates, and easter egg hunts!  ANYWAY...that took up about 3 days out of the week. 

When literally no one is in the city and the streets are usually filled
Rainy Easter Sunday
Easter :)
So I told all y'all last week how PUMPED we were about Lita with her 11 kids. And she decided to crush our souls and go out of town for Spring Break so unfortunately no updates on her for the week.  Shoot some prayers up for her. We have the most fragile investigators of my life. It is sooo funny. Alma and Rona are doing good...we are just inching and inching into their hearts and homes. But we had an awesome tender mercy of teaching a part member family Dad this week...his name is Winifredo. We hope we get to teach him again next week. Not a ton of heavens parting over here with their progression but WE WILL PREVAIL haha :) 

We also had Zone Conference this week and I always love me a good zone conference. It was super special because my Nanay goes home this transfer so this was her last Zone Conference and I got to see my cute Coron family.  And some takeaways this week from our classes was all about how love makes us bold. That if we love people in our areas, in our lives---we are not afraid to invite them or commit them to do something because we want whats best for them.  So I liked that thought this week. 

Zone Conference! My Nanay--Sister Holzworth
who goes home to Australia next transfer
My Coron Family at Zone Coference
Last companion--Sister Gabriel at Zone Conference
The Adduru's from Coron at Zone Conference

Haha I have to share this one because this was the first its ever happened to me. We were teaching this lady named Jospehine and she is just the classic old Lola in the Philippines and for whatever reason we started to sing with her and Sister Petras and I  just busted out we could barely get through the song and I could not keep my composure to even say a prayer. So we just barely got out a lesson to her but she started crying and said that she felt the spirit...and we could not keep it together....I know that's a have to be there moment and probably not that funny but JOSEPHINE will forever be in our memory :) 

With Sister Josephine
Well I love you all and I hope this week was a good one, just finish with a quick thought of how grateful I am for the atonement and the knowledge we have that Jesus suffered so we wouldn't have to...because he really does love us :) 

Sister Zarbock 

Zone Conference :)
Always the best to see Sister Singer
Sister at Zone Conference

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