Monday, April 24, 2017


Week 47

I have been begging Sister Petras for like 3 weeks if we could please go to Ocean Park and SHE FINALLY SAID YES :) So we went for P-day today and it was the best. I saw fish, watched sea lions dance, and touched a sting is complete. 

Ocean Park--Here I come FINALLY!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello all :) Hope this week treated you well and all your wildest dreams came true. Sister Petras and I are just living on a prayer every single day of our lives in our area haha :) But this week has more or less been a good one...we met some good people and our peeps let us down by not coming to church..but we just keep on a teaching and a teaching away. All of our investigators are really starting to build trust in us so I think we will be getting more peeps coming to church this week.  SANA! (HOPEFULLY!) 

But anyway I just wanted to start out this week by saying...MY NODULE IS GOOOOONE :) A lot of people have been emailing me about my voice and everything...totally love and appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. So the past month and a half I have been on "voice rest"--basically just being careful and being real REAL quiet because I have grown 2 nodules on my voice box, weirdest thing of my life. But we walked into the doctors office on Wednesday and I was just hoping and praying that I would get a good result from the Doctor. And when they finished the testing (they put like a camera through my nose and down my throat--tis the worst) but he told me that the nodule was completely I never had even had it. He said that he has never seen that kind of result before. And I literally high fived and shook hands with everyone in the whole office---SO pumped and grateful for all your prayers.  They worked a miracle:) THANK YOU!!

On to the work...So Lita Estelita came home this week!!!!!! :) And we were so happy!!!! She is the one with the 11 kids. We didn't get to really teach her this week because she has been helping her brother out who was sick. But when we saw her we gave her a hug...we missed our cute Lita. :) So we are hoping that we can get cracking on her teaching this week. 

This is Lita--the Lita with 11 kids!

I can't remember if I have brought up Lita (we have like 7 Litas in our teaching pool right now) and June Salansan up yet. We have been teaching them for a while but they are always busy or never at their house. But we found them when Lita was washing her clothes and we helped her finish her washing. If anyone needs their clothes washed by hand...I AM YOUR GIRL! ;) But we started to teach them and her husband just smokes and drinks ALL the time. We started to teach them of the importance of family. They were super interested. And we weren't able to come back for a while but we came back this week and we saw June outside and he said that he had stopped drinking and smoking for a WHOLE week after we taught him. So now their family is starting to be really interested in our message--they couldn't come to church last week..So we gave them a baptismal date and I hope we can get them there this week :) 

We have had a lot of awesome little tender mercies this week with some of the investigators of our area. Even though they are just little, I am reminded everyday that we are on God's timeline and not our own.  I think I am just learning over and over the importance of patience, humility, long suffering...all that jazz haha  

But anyway...just wanted to finish up a thought from what we shared with the Panzo family this week. They are an awesome family in the ward--they fed us pizza and of course they are automatically our favorite haha :)  We also shared this with Brother Coliado (a former Stake President in our ward that is suffering from Dementia) We shared with them Moroni 7:45 how "Charity suffereth long..." and something Brother Coliado said to us was that, "whatever we do our love needs to be true." And I loved that thought :) The true love of Christ is the center of the atonement-- and all we believe as members of this church. It helped me to know that when in doubt we need to love one another as Jesus loves all of us :) 

I love all of you and thank you again for all your prayers, have a good week. 

Sister Zarbock 

This is Ocean Park!
Bunch of Ocean Park pics!  Loved it!

Sting Ray :)

My District!

Sister Jumawid--she's going home next week

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