Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 48 Anong pinaka-masarap na pagkain sa buong mundo???

Week 48

We shared 2 Nephi 32:3 with a recent convert family this week and talked about how we need to "feast upon the words of Christ.." So essentially I asked them, "What is the best food in the whole world?" And their cute little nephew jumps up and yells "KANIN" or RICE hahaha...ooooohhhh my, typical filipino haha :) 

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hope this week was a good one for you. This week has been a really good one for us. I am just happy to be a missionary. Just happy to be right where I feels good despite the craziness of life and all that goes on in a week..I can just say I am happy right where I am at. Good times.  God really answered our praying and fasting this week. 

So Lita Salansan...not the Lita with 11 kids, she is still crushing our souls. But Lita Salansan and her son Jan-Jan are doing awesome!  We have been teaching them this whole transfer and we have been teaching them a lot this week especially because we wanted to get them to church. So we did our best to teach by the spirit, played the restoration video, had our ward missionaries come with us (our posse haha), and low and behold they CAME TO CHURCH.  They are just a cute little family my goodness. We asked them how they felt about church afterward...and cute little Lita had a tears in her eyes when she was explaining to us how she felt while listening to the speakers and everything. SO happy for them--this is what they need in their lives :) 

This is Lita Salansan...she came to church with her son Jan-Jan on Sunday.
We look like a family photo right??? We color coordinated, unplanned haha.

We have actually had some awesome moments with Victor this week. He is a guy we found that we teach with Tatay Capili...a recent convert in our ward.  His apo (granddaughter) likes to listen in our lessons. She just trails behind us all week when we are in her area.  But Victor is kinda an older guy just wanting to listen to the word of God. So we have been having some awesome lessons with him this week :) Updates to come. 

Brother Capili and his granddaughter Jero :)
We also found an awesome Sister who's name is Marlyn this week. And this was actually an awesome spiritual experience for me. People always ask me what I am doing here in the middle of Manila--if I am a nun, if they can buy my hair...I get asked the weirdest things. BUT as were talking to Sister Marlyn this week she was asking me why did I choose to serve God here. As I was sitting there teaching this random lady on the side of the road in the middle of the Philippines with a swarm of like 10 kids around me...I just got to bare a simple testimony to her of my decision to serve God in this crazy place. Good testimony builder for me :) 

To finish off I would like to share some thoughts I had this week. The saying of the week that I said SOOOO many times to our investigators was, "Its not a coincidence that we met you." And its funny how my weeks unexpectedly have that very thing come to surface. I have come to find that there really is no such thing as a coincidence. God just plans our lives exactly the way they need to happen and knows the individual needs we all have. Our biggest expectations, struggles, fears....He knows and understands exactly what we need.  

Okay hope everyone has a good week, love you all :) 

Sister Zeeeee 

Sister Infante in the wheelchair--she feeds us every week :)
Everyone just chillin after church 
Ward mission leaders who we work with every week--they are awesome!
This is Chemer--she is the ward pianist.  She's
awesome! YAY--I'm not the pianist this transfer!

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