Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 49 Fresh Start...Literally

Week 49

Dear Family and Friends, 

Helloooo everyone :) Hope everyone had an awesome week this week. Mine was a little crazy haha. To start out we had transfers this week...we usually here Monday afternoon about transfers and we went all day last Monday with no text from President so I thought I was good. And so pumped to stay in the area. But low and behold 10:20 p.m. hits and we get a text that I was going to get transferred. Sister Petras and I were so sad...I love that cute little Filipina. 

So I got transferred and my new comp is Sister Lubas from Mindanao, she is Vesaya! :) We are actually going home batch so she has been out on her mission as long as I have. She is the cutest and oldest companion I have ever had thus far on the mission. She is 27 years old...and she is the pioneer of her family! First member...and her mom just got baptized a year ago. She is awesome. We will have a lot of fun together. Our new area is Paranaque 1st ward...like an hour away from Mandaluyong...and we are starting fresh here :) which means we both are brand new to the area. We are the new fancy, schmancy STLs (Sister Training Leaders).  So both brand new to being STLs in a brand new area. I feel like a brand new missionary haha. But its all good, we should have an awesome time together.  

My new companion Sister Lubas
Our first MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference) as STLs
As always...best ever to see Sister Singer.  She was also made an STL :)
So I had some awesome tender moments in Mandaluyong before I left. I got the chance to say bye to Lita...the one who went to church last week. As I started chatting with her I testified to her that THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE kinda testimony.  She said thank you for all of the times we were over there teaching their family and it was sweet to have someone thank you for all of the time and energy you put into their family and all that.  So awesome moment with Lita and Jan Jan.  

So our first day in Paranaque was the funniest thing of my life. They just give you a phone and an apartment key...then they just say SEE YA. Which would be fine if one of us knew where the heck we were going...we didn't so that was fun. I jotted down some notes from someone who thought they knew the way and we were off to go find where the heck we were supposed to go.  We found the apartment ON THE FIRST TRY. WHOOP!! 

But this area is SOO awesome...the ward is runs very well, they have an awesome bishop. We had to plan a baptism in like negative 2 seconds. Which Irene is AWESOME. Strongest testimony ever. So that was fun we got that all figured out.  The old sisters in the area got to come and they pointed us in the right direction so that was so helpful. Haha its so funny...I carry a map around and we just go and do our best to find out where we are supposed to go.  But something I said in my testimony on Sunday was that although we are new and we don't know what we are doing, I have seen the hands of God in my missionary service.  He will help us and be there for us here in this new area.  

In our new area--Paranque
Irene's baptism :) With the old Sisters from the area.

To end...just a message from MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) this week and what we shared with the new sister in the mission this week. So Joshua...prophet from the old testament after Moises (Hahaha Tagalog Moses) is he had NO idea what he was doing and he had to follow after MOSES...someone who parted the Red Sea. How do you follow that???? But God told Joshua to be strong and of good courage.  God really does give us our answers "line upon line and precept upon precept..." we just need to trust Him. 

Well everyone GOD IS GOOD. Happy Mothers Day this week--so excited to see my cute fam :) 

Love you all, 

Sister Zeeeee 

Irene's baptism
Our Zone Leaders.  The one who baptized Irene is from Orem.
Manila Memorial Park
Manila Memorial Park
Dinner with Sister Petras and the Bishop and his family before I left Mandaluyong

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