Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 50 Happy Mothers Day to all :)

Week 50

Dear Friends and Families and especially my Beautiful Mother Jules, 

Hope everyone had an awesome week this week and that all the missionaries gotta skype home to their cute families :) So fun to see all my cute brothers getting married, having babies and growing up. And I just wanted to wish my Mother a happy mothers day :) To the mom that successfully updates me on every single thing that could possible have happened in her week in her emails, the packages, encouraging words ALWAYS over the past year of my mission. I could not have a better or more selfless mom. SO THANK YOU JULES. I loved seeing you this week.  I miss ya lots.

And then I have some lovely birthday shoutouts to my cute brother Drew who is 15 on the 15th and handsome Daddy who is turning 50 on the 21st! I love you two so much and am grateful for you both! So grateful for their awesome examples. I truly hope the day treats you guys well and I am grateful for all the sports updates every week haha :) 

Well the highlight of the week was for sure seeing my cute family BUT a little about what Sister Lubas and I did this week....

First update is we had a funny experience at church this week. So there is always a bunch of kids that always try to play basketball on Sunday at our church and we always gotta go kick them off the court because we don't play sports on Sunday and all that jazz. But this week I decided to take a different approach and told them that if they came to church first we would let them play on the court afterward. So they said yes...and so during sacrament we had like 12 teenagers in their basketball jerseys chilling in pews at sacrament. Don't get me wrong I had to hit them like 5 times with my water bottle because they were being loud...BUT they stayed all 3 hours of church. It was awesome :) They ended up going home afterward instead of playing basketball...we got their info so we will find them and teach them hopefully :) 

Then this week was the one week mission for all the youth so we spent a lot of time with them this week. :) And it was sooo fun. We taught them a couple of classes and I think my favorite class we taught was about Christlike Attributes and every young man and young woman got up and shared their favorite attribute of Christ and shared a scripture...just something to get them participating. And the youth here are so awesome. They have the strongest, simplest testimonies. 

We gotta work with some of them this week too...we have an investigator named Christine-Joy who is 16. So it was super cool to see the Young Women testify to her about how the gospel has blessed their life. It was just a cool to hear them bear testimonies to their missionary moments I have had is when I hear other people testify of what they know to be true :) So we had some awesome experiences with some of our investigators with that. 

Youth Mission Week for Young Men and Young Women
Young Women at Youth Mission Week
More Young Women at Youth Mission Week

To end...we had a great lesson with the Capio Family. They are a family the other sisters were teaching before they left and they are sooo great.  Something that the husband said was that he really understands that family is all we have to bring to the next life. And since its mothers day, I reminds me how important an eternal family is :) And how lucky are we that we have the power to seal on earth and in heaven. God is good and so grateful he gave us our families. 

Okay well I love you guys and I hope this week is a good one for you :) 

Sister Zarbock 
Bookmarks we made for Youth Mission Week :)
Brother and Sister Baui--family in our ward 

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