Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 52 The M&M Method

Week 52

We get a call late Friday night and we had some sisters that we had to visit because they were having a bit of a struggle with their companionship. So on the way to their apartment the next morning I told Sister Lubas that we needed to buy some M&Ms...okay not the real ones cause they are so MAHAL (expensive) so we got the knock off brand and I introduced the M&M Method super lame but you close your eyes and pick an M&M out of a bowl..and depending on the color you voice a concern, funny experience, positive attribute about the other. And afterward they were all smiles...after we left I just burst out laughing and told Sister Lubas that I can't believe that of course we gave it a name. Funniest thing ever.


Dear Family and Friends,
Hope that everyone had a good week this week.  Mine started off a little interesting and ended a little bit interesting but life is good nonetheless. And I did want to start out this email with a big fat birthday shout out to my bro Sam this last ya more than anything to be completely honest. You are the funniest human being of my whole life and am so grateful that I got ya as my brother and friend.  But anyway a little onto our week :) 

We had exchanges Tuesday and Wednesday this week and I got to exchange with Sister Fuertes..the anak of Sister Singer and then exchanged with Sister Abana.  I love exchanges lots but it just makes you super tired.  But with Sister Abana we thought we'd try something a little different for one of our lessons and got some printer paper and some crayons...went to one of the investigators in her area that had Book of Mormons and taught the Tree of Life.  We had all her little kids draw their own tree of life with the rod, outer darkness, straight and narrow path, etc. It was sooo fun!  Just a different way to get investigators interested about the Book of Mormon. Had a super awesome lesson with them :)

Exchange with Sister Abana
Tree of Life Lesson!!!
The rest of the week was pretty good....Rose and her family and Joshua are still progressing! :) And that just made me the happiest person in the whole world. We had a super awesome lesson with Sister Rose this week...we gave her a Book of Mormon and she is doing super good.  Joshua is like the smartest 12 year old I have ever things are coming along nicely with him. He was too shy to come to church this week because he didn't have a white shirt and tie...but we bought him a white shirt this week so cross your fingers he'll come this week. But he is doing super awesome. Again I just learn that God's time line is so different than ours....and sometimes we just gotta be a little patient and a little more humble :) 

To finish off with a spiritual thought from President Hinckley...I have been reading his book and I just love it, its the best motivator for me! This week he talked about how things "just work out." If we are doing our best and giving our all to missionary work, our lives, our just works out the way it needs to be. Anything that "invites us to good" (Moroni 7:13) is from God and sometimes we just gotta focus on the little things in front of us and sometimes not the whole picture all at strategy for the week! Good times.

Okay Love you all and Keep on keeping on!

Sister Zarbock

The Pepito Family we always visit
When Sister Craig gets the biggest package I've ever seen haha :)

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