Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 53 "Sister Zarbock our area is literally on Fire!" -Sister Lubas

Week 53

We were walking in our area on Saturday and there was a big fire in one of the Partsofour areas...its kind of hazardous living here because all the houses are super close together so if one house catches on fire its potentially a big problem. But its kind of our mission saying to have your area "on fire." So after we took some pics, Sister Lubas says "yung area natin ay talagang masunog." (Our area is literally on Fire) Hahaha and I just laughed and laughed...oh the missionary humor is all too real here.

Just our area on fire :)

Dear Family and Friends, 

Hello everyone :) This week was just a lot of stuff going on...I don't know how else to describe it haha. But the busiest weeks are always the funnest, craziest and most rewarding ones. And I think thats the way I like it :) We had a lot of awesome things going on in our area and a lot of little miracles happening with our investigators. And its always a fun week when we have Zone Conference and MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). But to first start out I wanted to wish my beautiful biyaw (sister in law) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...still have yet to see you being LITERALLY in our family but I seriously love you Kels...thanks for the emails/love/support. You are the best. And a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Sam and Haley.  Ya'll are getting so old haha ;) 

Okay now on to the week....

So we had an awesome Zone Conference and the best part is how we actually got to the Zone Conference. We had no running water because a pipe burst or something in our area and so we hadn't showered for like 4 days...and everyone kept telling us that it was gonna come back on. So 4:30 we wake up on Tuesday morning and are hoping that the water FINALLY came back on. And it didn’t so we texted our beloved Mission Mom and asked if we could take a shower at the mission home. Grateful for a Mission Mom who gets up in the morning to answer our text... So we made the hour trip to the mission home just to shower....it was awesome. But Zone conference was awesome, and I am so proud of Sister Lubas when we taught our lesson. It was all in English—we have been working a lot...I felt like a proud Mom!

Going on 4 days with no running water--gross!
Before picture......
After picture! Sister Ostler was so kind to let us shower at the mission home
Coron Crew going strong at Zone Conference!  Love and miss them!
Sister Gabriel--my Coron Companion!  Miss her!!!

The overall message of Zone Conference was all about eternal families...and how we can take that more into our teaching. I really like something that President Ostler said that in the temple we have mirrors to help catch eternity. And as we are being sealed as families—we are literally standing in the middle of eternity. And we can find strength in our lives if we take the time to have an “eternal perspective.” Just a cool thought. Also gotta see my favorite Coron Crew!!! And President and Sister Adduru! Some families were getting sealed so they came and joined in on the Zone Conference. Pleasantly surprised. 

MLC was also super awesome this week...it was our last one with the Ostlers. Bittersweet feelings as they are nearing the end of their time as Mission President...I am so grateful for them. He talked a lot about keeping the “spirit of our mission.” It made me extra grateful to be able to be serving a mission!

Mission Leadership Conference--last one for Pres. Ostler :(
President Ostler--sure gonna miss him!
Sister Ostler--she's the greatest!!

Little Joshua is coming along nicely...we just love the kid. Our best find was that we teach him from the kid’s Book of Mormon. I find it super entertaining and he just laughs and laughs and laughs at me. But he did come to church this week...we will have to push back his baptismal date a week but it looks like he will be right on track. So throw some prayers up for our little Joshua!

To finish off with a little spiritual thought...is just going back to temples. We had a lot of awesome lessons about Temples at MLC this week and how grateful I truly am that we really have eternity with our families.  I think my heart continues to be humbled and softened as I have been on my mission... just about how much I have been blessed in my life... and that I really have felt that moment of catching a glimpse of eternity as I have gone through the temple on my mission :) God is good. 

Okay everyone have a good week! Go to the temple for me will ya? ;) 

Sister Zarbock 

Two of my favorite gals in the mission :)
Sister Singer at MLC--throwing up a "1" for one year out!  Woohoo!
Ceremonial burning of the skirt for one year :)
What I go through to clean out the area book...the third one I have cleaned.
Can you tell I am about to go nuts??? 

The Alquizola...or the Ravioli family as I call them. :) They are awesome. 
Lita and Jun Jun from my last area that I was teaching--they got baptized!
Sister Petras (yellow dress) was my last companion in Manduyalong
Comp Pride when you have matching skirts haha

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