Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 56 "Brown Out in the Temple and Filipino Showers"

Week 56

So we had a temple day today and literally as I walked in the Celestial Room, all the lights go off and there was a brown out because it was raining super hard outside. So I sat in a dark celestial room today...like no lights and just a shining green exit sign...it was so weird. ONLY in the Philippines haha :) 

At the temple with Sister Lubas

And Filipino showers...so Sister Lubas and I walk into the house yesterday and we just see Sister Craig and Sister Portez crouching down and we were like..what's going on??  Then all of a sudden they just dump us with water haha...and they told us that we were going to have a Filipino shower tonight.  All of the Filipinos, if it's raining outside...just walk outside in the rain with their soap and shampoo and shower in their clothes...it's kinda funny.  So I involuntarily became a true Filipino last night.

Filipino Shower :)


Dear Family and Friends, 

So rainy season has officially begun!! Holy cow we just got dumped with rain this week. When it rains it just pours here, and I always get sick when the season changes, and that was the case this week. So our life for 3 days this week was spent me having a fever deathly sick...not too fun but the work will go on.  But we had a lot of awesome things happen this week nonetheless!

First off...Joshua passed his interview so his baptism will officially be this Saturday...we are so excited for him.  We had an awesome lesson with him on Sunday with his Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, all his cousins, and his mom.  It's just so cool to see these multigenerational families coming together in the Philippines.  I love seeing that. We were having a super awesome message and then everyone is kind of looking at me weird..and I was looking at Sister Lubas like what is going on kind of face. Turns out this HUGE cockroach was chilling on my head. I almost cried...and I freaked out in the middle of our lesson and everyone started laughing at me. GOOD times with that one.

We found an AWESOME new investigator this week.  We found Joveline. So we like to do these mass lessons...quick explanation. There are just so many people where we work so sometimes when we have no one to teach we just start singing hymns and then we invite everyone to listen/sing with us and we usually get like 10 people or something to listen to us at once..its kind of fun, like a hit or miss if it really would work. So that's how we found Sister Joveline. She came up to us after one of our “mass” lessons and said she wanted to listen to us because missionaries use to teach her. So we came back the next day and she took us to her house and she lives alone so her house was super quiet and we got to teach her the whole restoration...the spirit was so awesome. Love those kind of lessons!

We had a lot of our recent converts come to church this week...even Lenie, she is just finishing up her chemotherapy--GO LENIE. 

Finish up with a spiritual thought...so we were gonna work with a member (Sister Mercy) this week but then we had to cancel cause I died on my bed accidentally cause of the fever...but before we went out to work again we had some fruit, medicine, and a cute note from Mercy waiting on our front step that said...”Don’t run faster than you have strength...” and I have heard that a lot throughout my mission and its said in the scriptures. But for some reason I was thinking about that a lot this week. Often times we really don’t do as well as we want to do at something...at our job, being a parent, being a missionary...but sometimes we just gotta acknowledge that we just have to do the best we can do, as big or small we might feel like our contribution is, and have the faith that God will make the difference.

Have a good week everyone :) Hope you get some rain this week! 

Sister Zarbock 

The tunnel to the temple
Me and the companion at the temple
Temple pic with Sister Craig--my roommate
Temple with Sister Portez--my other roommate
All the Sisters in our Zone :)
Our big fancy umbrellas from our mission 
Family that just moved here from California

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