Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 54 New Heart and the Golden "State" Bridge

Week 54

Haha....2 of the things I would use to describe this week. First off the "New Heart"......

So I think about 6 months ago President Ostler asked if we could take a girl from Palawan to our house to stay for a week or we said sure and he said to take her around the area but that she was super weak and they weren't sure how long she was going to live because she had 2 big holes in her heart. Which was super and my cute anak took her around our area and then she got some tests done which is why she was in Manila. So at our last MLC On Wednesday we actually got to see her because Pres. Ostler sponsered her to have a heart surgery done.  We actually got to see her after her surgery was over (sister Lubas had a Doctors appointment) and we real quick saw the Doctor before entering into her room and he said that he fixed everything and she is gonna have a nice long life :) So kind of a miracle story we saw this week. 

This is Annie after her heart surgery!  Everything went great!

And "Golden 'State' Bridge"......we were playing charades at the Bishops house for FHE with the Elders in our ward. Sister Lubas and I were on a I was basically a team of one haha because Sister Lubas said to me like 10 times..."hindi ko nagets" "I don't get it" and so when it was our turn to act it out I had to act out the Golden GATE bridge. And the Elders couldn't figure it out. Until finally one said the "Golden 'State' Bridge" haha close enough right???? Haha anyway

Magandang Hapon po so aking mga pamilya at kaibigan, 

I am so grateful to be able to email you this week. It is always the best part of the week for me. :) this week was extra busy...we had a lot of stuff to get done the last couple of days. Not a ton of proselyting time this week....which is not as fun because I think that is probably the best part of missionary work for me :) BUT nonetheless it was a good week. Can’t complain. We spent the majority of our time taking the Sisters maps for each area. (why we need maps...please skip if bored) Super hard about Manila is knowing where your investigators actually live and its super hard if a missionary is fresh started in an area...we are a living the mission made these big fancy maps to help us that means we had to go to 4 different apartments to make sure the sisters got it. So good times with that! But it gave me a perfect window to grab money for the T-shirts we made.  So its all good.  

We got new area maps and the STL's had to go around and check them all. So we delivered our T-Shirts too :) These are pics of all the sisters in our stewardship. 

A little update on our area.....Joshua is doing very good. His Lola bought him the childrens book of mormon when they went to the temple last Saturday and he wore his white shirt to church on Sunday. We are proud of him.  I actually learn a lot from teaching Joshua. Kids are just the perfect example of Christlike love and having faith. We had an awesome lesson on Repentance with him...and at the end of the lesson he made sure to ask me...”Nagsisisi po ba kayo araw-araw Sister Zarbock?” “Are you repenting everyday?”....I told him I did don’t worry haha. 

And we got another tender mercy thrown our way when we met Sister Twinkle. Yes that is her name. She actually has been in California for the past 4 months and met the missionaries there...and our District Leader's mom was actually her Relief Society present in the ward she was investigating. She gave Twinkle’s number to Elder Baiur, who gave it to us, and we called her. She is super interested and came to the baptism of the Elders on Saturday.  She has been taught all the lessons so hopefully we will being getting her a baptismal date pretty soon. What a small world!  I think God really just knows who needs help so he throws us a bone every once in a while.  I don’t mind at all!  Haha.

Joshua and his mom
We got to watch the area broadcast on Sunday and I really liked the thought of one of the speakers...totally forgot his name and the sound was cutting in and out and I was  freezing because of the air con (I haven’t been in AirCon in a while) BUT nonetheless it was a great broadcast haha.  He brought up the question that we don’t need to compare ourselves to the pioneers who crossed the plains but we need to ask ourselves, “Am I valiant today?” and I really liked that question...makes you reavulate your faith a little bit. 

To finish off on a spiritual thought from my personal study this week...I have two scriptures that I really liked and I happened to read them on the same day. One is from 2 Nephi 9:23 (one of my favorite chapters) about having “perfect faith” and in 2 Corinthians 15:57 about how “our work is not in vain.” And these scriptures both are talking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that through our work and faith IN him we will obtain the “victories” only through his Atonement. Just a thought I had this week :)

Well I love you all and am grateful for your emails. I know Jesus lives and he died so we can all live again! Transfers this week..pray I go unscathed! 

Until next week! 

Sister Zarbock  

My District
Sister Activity this week :)
The Castillo family that takes us out every week

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