Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Week 55

Without fail...it was my time to follow up on Sunday and literally every single person just calls me mom haha. Like do I have the mom vibe???? :) Haha anyway...if anyone needs a mom I guess just give me a call. 

Dear Family and Friends, 

So grateful to be emailing you all again...this week was a quick/long one if that makes sense.  I wanted to start out by wishing my cute Daddy a happy fathers day.  I love you lots and I really miss you :)  Thank you for your support and love. You are the best guy out there lemme tell ya.  And transfers this week...I am staying with Sister Lubas and we are chilling again in Paranaque.  It feels nice to stay in an area for another transfer. We are excited! 

So this week was a pretty good one! We kind of have some sad news that we have to push Joshua's baptism back another week. But he is doing pretty good :) So our tactic has been to read the book of mormon with him lots so he can get a really firm testimony and I sometimes try to act out the story...its kinda fun and he always laughs (well I guess everyone always laughs) The tree of life and killing laban was super awesome... ;) I made Sister Lubas be Laban. But he wasn't able to come to church this week...DAGGER TO THE HEART. But other than that he is doing good :) 

Twinkle is on vacay this week so we weren't able to teach her...hopefully we can be able to teach her this week.  We found this awesome new family though...the daughter came to church this week. Julie-Ann (so of course I call her Jules Jr.) is 15. Jean is the Mom and Jason the youngest.  We found them after our lesson with Joshua...and Jean is just the nicest.  We started chatting with her and she talked about coming from a broken family and now is separated from her husband but it was a nice lesson with her and then on Saturday we taught her and her kids. So we hope we can get to teach them this week again. 

Had the best time visiting our new trainee this week...we visit all the new missionaries in our stewardship. She comes from up North and is Illocano.  I always like visiting our newbie missionaries. They are so awesome...and it makes me feel like I was a new missionary like 100 years ago haha. 

I think the best moment I had was with a new family this week that we found on Sunday. We were kinda sad about Joshua not coming to church and the day felt a little longer..but we found the Gunning family.  They are super nice...and we shared with them 2 Nephi 31:20...and as much as that scripture is used...I just love it :)  It really just helped me to have that eternal perspective. So nice moment with them. 

To end was an awesome moment with the Elders' investigator Keith. We were all squished sitting in a room for ward conference this week and I was sitting by Keith so I asked him how he was and if I could help him with something. And he asked me what he should do because his wife doesn't like our church...and I kinda sat there for a minute and then I just told Keith that God loves him and his family and knows what he needs in his life to be happy...and he just sat there for a second and he said...yeah you are right. Something super little, but I really loved that this week. 

Anyway, I love you all and I hope this week is a good one for you!!!! 

Sister Zarbock

Visiting our cute little trainee..anak of a sister in our stewardship
District Picture..Sister Craig wasn't there cause they were getting visa stuff for her anak

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