Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Week 57 "Sister Zarbock is the Bomb"

Week 57

So we were walking out of church and our kabahays have the ward after us and they saw us carrying a huge thing of spaghetti home that one of the relief society sisters gave us and she texted us saying that "your word is the bomb.." Sister Lubas didn't get it...so I was trying to explain it to her. Like its a good thing...and she just goes "Sister Zarbock is the bomb.." haha it was sooo funny. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. 

Dear Family and Friends, 

I hope everyone had a good week this week.  It was a good one for us..we had a lot going on with Zone Conference and stuff...and it was officially the last Zone Conference with President Ostler. We are so sad to see the Ostler's go but I am super excited for the new President. We will see him this week at MLC.  I love new beginnings, fresh starts...so I am excited :) 

This week was super awesome as it goes for the work because Joshua was finally baptized.  This was kind of an extra special day for me because I just love the kid so much. And his mom was actually able to attend the baptism too...she bore her testimony and it was SO sweet.  I think sometimes members try to over complicate the gospel a little bit...but the gospel is just so simple. Grateful for Joshua's baptism. He also received the priesthood on Sunday so he gets to pass the sacrament next Sunday. So happy for him and his family.  That was probably my favorite part of the week. 

Joshua's Baptism :)
Joshua and his mom

We had Zone Conference this week too...and it was super awesome to hear the Ostlers testify of their experiences in the Philippines and their years of service here. Something that I really loved was that Pres. Ostler talked about "receiving gifts", that when we are baptized we aren't just GIVEN the Holy Ghost but we need to RECEIVE it in our lives. And you know...I have realized that more than often in my life that that is actually the case with a lot of things. The gospel is a gospel of agency. And the spirit was so awesome at Zone Conference, grateful for the opportunity to serve with such amazing people. 

Zone Conference lunch
My besties at Zone Conference
The Coron Sisters that I love--Sister Gabriel and Sister Mislos
Ran into Sister Petras at Zone Conference :)

So it was fast sunday this past Sunday...and Sister Lubas and I have really been needing new investigators so we prayed to find 2 families that we could teach.  I have such a strong testimony of fasting because later that day we found 2 families that literally just fell into our laps. Super grateful for that!  A little update on our friend Jovelyn...she is just chatting with her husband about us and if he approves...so she is kind of on pause at the moment. 

But to end with a spiritual moment is about being a 100'er. I loved this thought from Zone Conference.  It was actually President Ostler's son who spoke about. He talked about no matter where we go in our lives we need to be 100 percent invested into our lives and be "perfect" at trying.  It gave me an extra desire to be a better person and missionary.  The gospel is awesome. 

Love you all, 
Sister Zarbock 

This is Jovelyn
Sister Lubas with her new English scriptures :)  Thanks Jules!
More Zone Conference pics
The Adduru's at Zone Conference
Sister Seumalu..new STL

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