Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 59 Greenwich Pizza and No Sleep

Week 59

I am convinced Greenwich Pizza is the best and I am living off no sleep right now because of life is gooooooing good. 

Dear Fam and Frenz, 

Hello everyone...and another week down. I feel like I was just sitting at the computer like yesterday and here we are again. This week was a good one and a busy one. We had a lot of fun things happen and little by little we are seeing changes in our area...sometimes it is literally like an iceberg melting but hey progress is progress, am I right? 

So it was the death exchanges this week, we had 3....and I just love the sisters in our zone. They are super awesome. And pretty sure I learn more from exchanges than they learn from me. But the funnest part about having leadership in the mission I think is that I getta pick everybody's brain and steal their teaching skills in lessons while we do exchanges. It really is fun to get to know the sisters here. We had a lot of fun this week :) 

Exchanges 1, 2, & 3 this week :)

We had some development with James and Sara this week. James is super funny...he tries to make our lessons super deep and calls us preachers. Its kinda fun. They weren't able to go to church. Hopefully next week. I love their family. 

Had a cool find this week...the Tripulca family. We were walking in our area and I just decided randomly to take a different root that is the longer root, Sister Lubas wasn't too happy about that one...but we went anyway and we saw Sister Tripulca outside her house and she approached us and said that she has never seen missionaries like us by her house and she was super excited to see us and so we taught her and her kids 2 times this week.  Love when prepared people are put in your path. Its soooo cool :) 

Irene our recent convert has been having some issues with her husband the last couple of we decided to turn into marriage counselors this week. Whipped out the family proclamation and everything haha.  Guess what??? her husband went to church yesterday.  He has been in and out of being Less Active since Irene was baptized. So that was so awesome to see him at church.  

Me-Me and Rionna...a single mom and her daughter are doing great.  We had an awesome lesson with them about prayer this week.  

Overall it was a good week...we are going for the little successes and our investigators are just building their faith block by block...I am proud of them.  Joshua is doing good...I think he is my best friend in the ward haha. :) 

To finish off with a spiritual thought is from Sister Pablico...our trainee in our stewardship. And she was asking me about what keeps me going on the mission even when I am tired...and I just sat there for a second but then I thought about it and the word ENDURANCE came into my head. That sometimes if we just do things not for ourselves but do it for God...he gives us that endurance we need. It brought Alma 37:36-37 that says "let all things be done for the Lord," and "Counsel with him." And I am convinced if we do those things, he really gives us the strength we need. Even if its as simple as having the strength to be a missionary everyday :) 

Thank you for the love and support! 

Sister Zarbock  

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