Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 18 TRIO AGAIN :) :) :)

Week 18

Hello All, 

How is everyone doing this week??? I hope everyone had an awesome week and a great conference weekend!  I get to see it this next weekend...but still every bit as excited! Its been a good week for us, transfers are this that means I am graduating!!! I will officially be out of training :) I am so SO excited to see what happens with this next week, transfers are on Wednesday.  So I will let you know how that goes next week.  

Also another little surprise this week was we got another temporary sister for the week, her name is Sister Muir and she is from New Zealand.  We just laugh about our companionship. Sister Dolor is Filipino, I am blonde and white, and Sister Muir is as white as it gets and a red head. So we are a diverse group here. Haha...Its been a really fun week with her. We have had a lot of fun.  But anyway, a couple of high lights about the week!! 

Sister Zarbock, Sister Muir, Sister Dolor
Trike Selfie
With Sister Rose

So first off we had some awesome finds this week, we had a couple of long work days. But we found Mildred and Renaldo this week! :) They are a couple of less actives..and it really is so awesome when you can just sit and talk to people about how they feel about the church. Sometimes all people need to come back to church is just a little love. I have totally found that to be true over the last couple months. We got to sit and share with them about how important the church is and you get to see them light back up, because they know the church is true...sometimes they just need to remember what it feels like to have the gospel in their lives again. :) So they were some awesome lessons this week.  So grateful for those amazing moments as a missionary. 

GUYS. This was the best thing that happened this week haha. So Nanay Vergie. She is probably the most offended person I have ever seen and she is not afraid to tell you about it haha. :) And I have been visiting her since I came out to the field. And today we walked by her bahay like we normally do and she started telling us how offended she was. And I just said Nanay Vergie, do you know what you need? She kinda was taken a little aback, and asked okay what. And I said all she needs is Jesus and a group hug. So thats what we did..our little trio gave Nanay Vergie the biggest hug in the middle of the street and we got her to laugh about it. Seriously, the best thing of my week haha :) Again all people need is a little love. 

ANGELIE CAME TO CHURCH AND SHE IS HAVING A GIRL! Angelie is pregnant and due next month and we finally found out this week. I guessed a girl the whole time. We were so pumped about it :) She is literally the cutest Mom and its been so fun to teach her. She is so great, and every time we see her we just see the light the gospel is giving her...I think that is my favorite thing to see the light of Christ work its way into these people lives, plus she came to church this week! WHOOOOP :) 

Angelie's little twins--and a random dog on the street  :)

We got fed by the Harts family this week :) They are so great! 

Okay one of the best things of my week was Paulie's lesson. He is the Armenian we have been teaching. He is seriously the best guy ever, we had an awesome lesson with him on Sunday about the Book of Mormon. I started to ask him about his beliefs--he knows the bible like the back of his hand so its a little intimidating for sure. But he started getting really emotional and he said he has been looking for something like this his whole life. And he has been through a lot, but he said something that literally melted my heart. He said that he knows that the world is sometimes really hard to live in but, "through God's word he feels like the richest man in the world." And he held that Book of Mormon like it was everything he had. Such an awesome guy who strengthened my testimony about the Book of Mormon. 

Well just to end on a Spiritual Thought, I was reading a couple of nights ago in D&C 64:33 and it says that we shouldn't "be weary in well doing." And I have felt this so many times on the mission so far. Even though you have long days and are tired. all. the. time. God always helps us if we are on His errand. 

Have a good week everyone!!  

Sister Zarbock 

Cookies at the mission home!
Biggest coincidence....I sat next to this ladies daughter-in-law
in my Philosophy class at UVU...She is awesome! 
Cheesecake with Bing

Jules = Best Mom Award!!  Thanks for the fun Halloween package!!! 
All the Halloween decor is up--strange holiday to Filipinos haha!

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