Monday, October 10, 2016


Week 19

Dear Fam and Friends, 

SOBRANG MASAYA BECAUSE IT WAS CONFERENCE WEEKEND!!!!! WHOOP :) Its even better a week later, haha just kidding. But really conference weekend is the best weekend ever. A chance to sit back and let the prophet and apostles blow your investigators minds and sit in air conditioning for like 12 hours. I couldn't think of anything better.  I think as a missionary you are extra tuned into conference because I maybe wrote 50 pages of notes, and I didn't sleep through one talk.  SUCCESS--AM I RIGHT?  Okay but on a serious note I really loved watching conference, I think one I will never forget. I just had a moment while I was watching the Sunday morning session to look at all my new friends I have made in the Philippines thus far. Phoebe and Jason were sitting next to me, Paulie and my cute new companion on the other side. It just made me smile :)

SO MY NEW COMPANION!!!!! I am training Sister Guiuo (Geeeeeeeo) fresh out of the MTC. She is from an hour outside of Manila so sometimes we make the joke we are just gonna go eat dinner at her house and then come back haha. She is maybe the cutest human being I have ever seen. She is actually a VISA waiter and will serve her mission here until her VISA comes. Her mission is...wait for it, wait for it.....TEMPLE SQUARE. So come 6 months, all of you better be visiting her at Temple Square.  But seriously so excited to be training a new missionary, I get to relive all the first moments of being a missionary, it really is so great. I am so excited for our new companionship. 

My new companion--Sister Guiuo!
Picking up Sister Guiuo at the Mission Home--Pres. and Sister Ostler

This week was a good one and it kind of felt short because we had conference but I am so excited to tell you all about it! 

My first experience of the week is with Sister Angelie--I have talked about her before, she is pregnant and due next month. We visited her this week and she is just plowing through the Book of Mormon, it is so awesome to see her faith build and build every visit. So we were talking with her, she has always been so shy with baptism. Always nervous and scared of commitment. So we started to talk with her about the Book of Mormon. And she said she believes it's true. And I said well Angelie, if this book is true, then Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God, and if that's true then Jesus Christ and God really did appear to Joseph, and if that's true then the gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth right now If that's true then I think you should just get baptized. And she said well maybe you are right :)  It honestly was such a little thing but it made me really think how awesome the message is of the Restoration--I felt like that came up a few times in conference and it  solidified for me my testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Go Angelie! 

So this is awesome. We got a text from one of the Elders for a referral they got for us, they said you know we don't know how interested he is but go give it a shot. So we went out to find Ike.  We couldn't find him anywhere. So we asked someone and from there asked someone else, they took us somewhere, then another person took us and I was just about to say, there is no hope finding this guy. But then all of a sudden this little old lady pokes her head out of her little tinahan and said she thought she knew where he was. So she takes us into this alley way, up the sketchiest ladder, and into the house of Ike.  And turns out the Lucena family lived at this house and they are all a bunch of less actives. So we talked to them and we talked to Brother Ike all about the message of our church. It just felt like this guy was super prepared to hear our message and the Lucena family said they really wanted to come back to church. :) Lesson learned? Don't give up, the Lord will send you to prepared people. 

So I wanna end with a through from conference. I am sure Elder Uchtdorf's 'Fourth Floor Last Door' was everyone's favorite in the Women's Session. And seriously I LOVED THIS TALK. It really rang true to me being on a mission. And just having faith by not giving up on yourself, with people..lahat. And I really loved the thought that sometimes trusting in your own vision isn't enough, you really need to put your trust in the Lord. It is kind of hard sometimes but SO worth it. 

Well I love you everyone and I hope you all have an awesome week, thanks for the emails and prayers--I need them more now then ever haha :) 

Mahal ko kayo!!!! :) 

Sister Zeeeee 

Saying goodbye to Sister Dolor!

I ran into one of Jack's old companions again!

With Mildred--the less-active we found out of nowhere!

With Phoebe and Jason

Thanks for the taco stuff, Mom!  I made them this
week and my companion loved them!

Jules, this person found me on Instagram like in January
and messaged me all about Makati and everything.
Then she FOUND ME IN REAL LIFE! How sick is that??? 

A visit from Sister Savea--our Sister Trainer Leader

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