Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 20 "HEYYYYYY HEYYYYYYY.....Come and get your looooooove" (Classic song from "Guardians of the Galaxy")

Week 20

Dear Every Bawwwdy, 

Hello everyone so good to hear from everyone like always :) This week was another good one--so I thought rainy season was over but now its TYPHOON SEASON. Kinda scary--season am I right? But here it just means lots of flooding and lots of new umbrellas because ours always break. The flooding really is so crazy...sometimes I am like where does all this water even come from? Haha. But life is good, we did get a lot of rain this week which is lots of fun! Sometimes hard to work in but for the most part its pretty awesome. You see all the little kids just having a good time in all the flood water and rain and I am like CAN I DO THAT PLEEAAASEEE? Hahaha...okay well anyway on to my week. 

We had a couple of awesome experiences this week with some of our investigators. First off Angelie is doing great. Her faith to follow Christ is really so awesome, its really cool to see these people that have faith in Christ but they really just don't know where to find the truth and then HERE WE COME.  But Angelie is really doing well, her faith is so much stronger every visit. I have started to read right where she is at in the Book of Mormon because she is super consistent with her reading.  Our lesson with her this week was all about the role of the Book of Mormon and her questions are right on. So everyone PRAY for Angelie! 

We had an amazing lesson with Glinda!  GUYS....Glinda is back in the game!!  When I was Sister Holzworth we found Glinda and she was interested but then kinda wasn't so we put her in the area book for a little while. AND then I decided that it was time to make the inspired return back. And she was totally interested again. We gave her a Book of Mormon, then we went back a few days later.  She had actually read the assignment and we talked to her more about what prayer was. And then she prayed at end the lesson and in it she said, "Paki-basbasan po ninyo ang mga anak ko na makuha nila ang mga pangarap" or that all of her kids will fulfill all their dreams. It was seriously the cutest thing!  When she finished, she was crying because she felt the spirit so strong. GOOOO GLINDA. :) It was kind of a touching moment, you don't really find people and their conversion on your time table, conversion is so individual. So lets hope she's ready now! 

So a couple of nights ago we were out proselyting and I have passed by this compound a million times, its just an area where a lot of people live in that is gated--and I felt like this huge need to go in there, it was so weird. So we went inside and we started talking to a bunch of people and after like 20 people we were about to leave but then this cute old lady said she thought there was some members inside. So we kept looking and sure enough WE FOUND ABBY :) Yes her name is Abby, yes she is a member. We were so pumped about it. Her mom is actually not a member--and so we will teach them later this week. But it was seriously so awesome to see that promptings are real! :) 

This is Abby--the Abby we found haha!

We just had a lot of great teaching opportunities this week with people in our area--hopefully people that will really 
progress. And then spontaneously we were asked to give the Relief Society lesson in Makati 4th on Sunday. To be honest this was a super spiritual experience. Our lesson was on being Committed to God from the Teachings of Howard W. Hunter. I love Howard W. Hunter! He has such a perfect way of describing things--at least for me. In our lesson we talked a lot about committing vs. contributing. And how being committed to God is a lot more than just following the commandments or fulfilling a calling--its all about putting your heart into it. I really went away from this lesson learning a lot more--I feel like teaching has its way of doing that.  You end up being the person learning the most. 

Well everyone I really am so grateful and humbled to be a missionary of such a great work.  Keep shooting prayers for me with training and with learning the language. Hope everyone has a great week! 

Much Love,
Sister Zeeee

Carrying my package from home on a jeepnee!
Thanks for the sweet new apron Jules!
Awesome package!!
Saw all my favorites at interviews this week :)
The moment before emailing!

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