Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 22 "Ako ay anank ng Diyos...."

Week 22

Everyone knows that my dad is the singing sensation...and you know I decided this week that I am going to take on my own singing career...thanks for the inspiration pops...So I decided that I am going to start doing musical numbers for our investigators, and HOLY cow its a lot of pressure but the investigators love it! :) This week we brought it down to the basics...Ako ay anak ng Diyos. Stay tuned for next week. 

Dear Halloween Lovers, 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEOPLE!!! Its so nice to be with you on a very lonely Makati Day. So something weird people do on Halloween here. Everyone goes to their provinces and gets together with all of their families and they have a party at the cemetery. No joke, they go set up tents, hang out next to their dead lolas/lolos all day, eat breakfast/lunch/dinner at the cemetery. Sister Guiuo asked me this morning, "Isn't that what everyone does?" we just dress up as weirdos and go knock on peoples doors for candy. She was really confused....haha it was way funny :) But Makati is a lonely city because no one is home!  But there is a fun interesting fact about the Philippines for all ya'll. 

This week was a good one. And as per usual, I am so grateful for all your awesome emails and everything. It literally is the best to hear about how everyone is doing!  Anyway, Sister Guiuo and I had a great week this week. Lots of work, lots of fun stuff going on, we are happy campers--can't wait to tell you all about it. 

So we had exchanges this week with our awesome STLs after our District Meeting on Tuesday--we are the only Sisters in our District now because some sisters area got closed cause it was too dangerous apparently...for sure the fantastic four is finished. But on the bright side, I got to stay in the area and take Sister Savea around. And seriously its so fun to walk around with another foreigner with you...she's from Australia. It makes it real easy to talk to people. I think we got 95 OYMs (opening our mouths--like inviting, testifying kind of stuff) in a little under an hour. It was awesome.  So that was something kind of different and fun--my anak did call me later that night and said she missed me, cute mama moment haha.

We had a lot of awesome missionary moments this week. We were walking on the street one day this week and all of a sudden like 15 kids came up and starting chatting with us--they have the funnest time with my white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair. And I asked if they wanted to know what we were doing there--All of their eyes just went so wide, it was the cutest. Filipino kids are the cutest. So I got out my chalk and we drew the whole plan of salvation on the street and told them about God's plan for them... we had a little game too. And by the time we were done, we had like 30 people hanging out listening to us--it was great. And seriously it was just a small little thing we did, just drew out the plan of salvation for a bunch of cute Filipino kids but I was just real happy in that moment to that I know God's plan for all of his children.  It was pretty amazing!

Another thing that happened this week was we met Sister Almera.  We were proselyting one day and we came across this cute mom and her 3 little kids outside and we starting to talk and we started to teach her--she accepted in baptism!  So we will see what happens with her. And Angelie is still going strong, she should be having her baby either this week or the next, she is still reading the Book of Mormon--I just feel like Angelie is one of my best friends. And Paulie should be getting baptized this week! We are so excited--his faith is just continuing to grow, its seriously so awesome to see the gospel in little ways change his life. When they announced his baptism in Sacrament, he had the biggest smile on his face. It was seriously so great!

So we were going to go to the chapel for an activity and I had this thought that we should walk, and I was like why would we walk? We never walk to church, its too far away. So I told Sister Guiuo that we needed to walk and OYM for a bit before going. We got out and started to walk in our area and I saw a guy that I had OYMed over 3 months ago named Manuel--I started to talk to him and told him he should come to church tomorrow. He kind of said something along the lines of, "oh if I have time." But sure enough the next day he was at church and I said, "Why did you come?"--because he didn't seem so sure yesterday. But then he told us yesterday he had a hard day and he was praying yesterday to feel better...and so when I talked to him he felt like that was his answer.  And my heart just felt so full. You know you do a lot of things as a missionary, a lot of teaching, talking to people--sometimes you get tired. But the fact that I helped little Manuel (he is like 4 11') made me feel like I am making a little bit of a difference, it was so worth walking to church.

To finish things off we ended the week with a bang with the 50th anniversary of Buendia Chapel!  Buendia chapel..or the chapel I attend every week...was the first chapel ever built in the Philippines and so there was this HUGE jubilee/celebration on Saturday. Tons of dancing, singing, and just a big party. And it was seriously SO fun  It made me miss dancing, but it seriously was so awesome to see all the different cultural dances of the Philippines. The Area presidency came and the 6th member of the church in the Philippines spoke--I think he is like 94. Ahhh it was a great night. Just so happy to be in the Philippines serving with such amazing people!  

This week was awesome, thanks again for all the love and support. Hope everyone has a great week! 

Sister Zarbock

When the ward is already doing 25 days of 
Christmas and its not even November yet haha :)
Dinner night with some wardies!
Seasig--which is beef fat.  Not too bad actually
Sa area namin
ArAr---our Less Active.  Sister Guiuo knows his family
Our dinner and movie night!
All pictures from the 50th Jubilee!!

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